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Saturday, September 24, 2022

Three controversies for which King Carlos III is our favorite

After his coronation, King Carlos III promised to follow the example of his late mother’s “uninterested devotion”, the problem is that the shadow of various controversies does not allow him to enjoy favoritism and at worst the esteem of many followed. of the royal family, even beyond the British population.

Carlos’ greatest challenge will be to live up to Queen Elizabeth II, although at 73 it’s unlikely he’ll have time to complete this task, which could take several years. Who is Queen Elizabeth II’s heir and what is the line of succession? What controversies distance King Carlos from royal affection? 1) Infidelity The first and most memorable is his infidelity to Princess Diana of Wales who knew how to win the affection of everyone in the world. “Lady Di” was a royal icon, although she kept as liberal an demeanor as she could, apparently costing her the esteem of Queen Elizabeth herself.

Carlos was living an affair with his current wife and now Queen consort, Camila Parker-Bowles. They maintained a relationship that Diana believed was public even before her marriage; this became a scandal for the royal family because the situation inevitably had to be made public. The exhibition of dialogues and discussions made the image of Carlos as a husband and father go down even after the death of the “Queen of Hearts”. 2) Racism Carlos’ concerns about the skin color of his grandchildren from Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle’s marriage recently became public. When the couple revealed this fact in an interview with Oprah Winfrey, it was initially thought that the racist comments were from the Queen, but it was later revealed that it was Carlos who raised the issue with his wife Camila. 3) Scandals A third scandal was more of a sum of them related to finances. It seems that Carlos III accepted unofficial commissions for his charities. He’s also known to have excessive spending that wasn’t justified and now he fears this is getting out of hand with the new salary he’s set to have.

After all the controversy surrounding King Charles, the worst that can happen is that Nostradamus’ prophecy about the British crown comes true. For 2022, this French astrologer, who dared to anticipate some events in the 16th century, predicted the death of a queen, but also added that it would trigger an unprecedented power struggle.

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