Home Entertainment This will be Yostop’s stay in jail (VIDEO)

This will be Yostop’s stay in jail (VIDEO)

This will be Yostop's stay in jail (VIDEO)

A TikToker who was in jail revealed how a YouTuber can spend his days in jail.

MEXICO CITY.— youtuber migration yesstop Santa Martha in Acatitla prison after being arrested on June 29 child pornography allegation This has given rise to a lot of uncertainty, as some believe that he will be given priority inside the prison.

While his relatives and fans have begged for his release how bad is he doing there.

After this question, Angelica Lopez, A professional dancer and TikToker shared a Video about my own experience in jail. that woman spent many years In prison for drug possession, which a man would have “imposed” on him, he possibly detailed where do you live Influencing too.

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sleeping on the floor and next to the toilet

In its VideoMILF Angelica Relates That when someone enters You’ll have to wait to qualify for a bed, or you can earn that right through “hierarchies.”

“In each room or room have only three beds or four, They are not beds, they are iron. Not only this, only three or four people live there, Many live. Those plates are given to those who came first, or they pass as they come, or how are you gondla”, explained TikTok.


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Original Soundtrack – Angelica Lopez

The dancer also said that many women They should sleep on the floor, Under the table or near the “bathroom”. However, Angelica believes that being a public figure like Yoseline Won’t be “mixed” with the general population.

“most likely put it in an area called COC, what is a Area which is far from the population and where girls Those who have verbal procedures,” said the TikTok user.


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Original Soundtrack – Angelica Lopez

YosStop sends a touching message to fans

since Santa Martha Acatitla Prison, yosselin hoffman i send a new message For her fans, in which she thanks them for their support and promises to do her best.

again, through Gerardo GonzalezYostop’s lover, posted a picture in which one written note In pink ink and signed by “Yose”.

Today I value them more than ever And I promise that I will do my best for everyone. I love you,” reads the letter he wrote from prison.

This will be the second message he sends to his followers, the first in a box of gum expressing his gratitude to his fans.

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