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This will be Fugitiva, the Turkish soap opera that will come to fill the void of Doctor Milagro

This will be Fugitiva, the Turkish soap opera that will come to fill the void of Doctor Milagro

Although the most watched of 2021 were the reality shows of La Voz Argentina and MasterChef Celebrity, that between its different seasons and its finery occupied the top six positions in the general table, seventh place went to Doctor Miracle, also from Telefe. As if to take advantage of that loyal audience of Turkish soap operas, the channel already dusts the can of Fugitiva for in a few weeks.

The Turkish soap opera that It will be seen in Argentina between the end of February and the beginning of March go to prime time, strip in which Doctor Miracle has managed to keep the rating bar high.

Released in its country of origin in January 2018, toured several countries (around 30), with very good audience numbers. Although Doctor Milagro told the story of a doctor who suffered from an autism spectrum disorder, there were sociocultural situations in the background that identify Turkey. Maybe not as much as in your typical soap operas.

&Quot;Fugitiva&Quot; Was Sold To About 30 Countries, Where It Has Managed To Win Over Different Audiences.  Could It Be In Argentina?

“Fugitiva” was sold to some 30 countries, where it has managed to win over different audiences. Could it be in Argentina?

Now in Runaway, Yes it will be seen in the foreground how people think and live mainly in Turkey, in circles in which women do not even intuit what is the empowerment of which so much is talked about. The script revolves around Nefes, a young woman who was sold to a businessman and locked up in a mansion. And he got married, not for love, precisely.

The fight of Nefes

For years, she tried to flee from that oppression and slavery, but never managed to cross the threshold of that hell.

Victims of constant violence, she and her son resisted according to a plan that the protagonist devised to protect him: made the child believe that they lived in a kind of game, in an imaginary world. In a somewhat forced way, you can see how she searches to justify the blows she received from her husband.

The books of this story, which in many countries is known as Black Sea, one day they cross his path with that of Thair (Ulas Tuna Astepe), the man who opens the doors to start -or try, at least- a new life.

In Terms Of Titles, &Quot;Doctor Milagro&Quot; Was The Third Most Watched Program, Behind &Quot;La Voz Argentina&Quot; And &Quot;Masterchef Celebrity&Quot;.

In terms of titles, “Doctor Milagro” was the third most watched program, behind “La Voz Argentina” and “Masterchef Celebrity”.

Thair appears in the mansion as the younger brother of a heavyweight character., who does business with the homeowner. Thair’s truck will be the key that unlocks the suffocation and danger of Nefes and her son.

Amid fears, pleas, strategies, lies and dangers, Thair is encouraged to help them. However, together they will discover that freedom will not be the only option. And that there will be several battles to fight, with many rivals.

As the chapters go by, it will be seen that the enemy and his henchmen will not make life so easy for them. Recorded almost entirely in Istanbul, with the architectural and landscape beauties in the background, the strip stars İIrem Helvacıoğlu (Nefes), Ulaş Tuna Astepe (Thair), Sinan Tuzcu and Öykü Gürman.

The whole story extends throughout three seasons, with twists and turns, and more suffering than love. But in a synthesis it can be anticipated that, without intending to do so, Thair becomes the salvation of this Turkish heroine who represents many real events of her society.

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