This was Yahir's brief performance in

Viewers were surprised to see the “La Accademia” alumnus part of Jose Alberto Castro’s production.

Mexico City.— Though yahiro Known as a Mexican singer, former member of TV Azteca’s reality show “La Accademia”, has also ventured into the world of acting and TV serial. So after an absence of four years he was given a chance in the melodrama “soulless”, Project starring actress Livia Brito.

a brief partnership

Producer Jose Alberto Castro’s new Televisa soap opera premiered last Monday, July 5. are heroes Livia Brito and Jose Ron, But yahiro was a brief and important participate In the said melodrama, since his character would be ‘Santiago Ramirez’ key code for development of this story of love and revenge.

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Yahir showed his acting skills

It was in the first chapter of “La Desalmada” in which Yahir brings to life a brave cattleman, who is madly in love with ‘Fernanda Linares’ (played by Livia Brito). with love scene in a river This is how couples brag about how much they love each other.

But you take later, it shows the gentle romance they have their humble marriageAlso their first night as husband and wife. However, the interpreter of “madness” was considered to appear only in a few scenes, so it had to have a sad ending.

The character of ‘Santiago Ramirez’ is threatened by a group of criminals The one who broke into their house, after refusing to give them their plot, was shot dead after this attack. his wife ‘Fernanda Linares’ Will ask for revenge

With these scenes, Yahir ends his partnership in “La Desalmada”, and although his participation was brief, fans praised his good work. acting that he performed.

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