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This was the reunion of Niurka and Juan Vidal after La Casa de los Famosos

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Niurka and Juan Vidal were able to hug and kiss again after leaving La House of Celebrities 2Well, during that reality show, both had a very close and romantic relationship, which is prevailing even though they are no longer in the program. The Cuban dancer even confessed that they were intimate at La Casa.

It was last July 28 that Niurka made a live broadcast from his Instagram account, in it he documented the moment in which Juan Vidal visited her at home.

Since before Juan Vidal appeared on camera, Niurka She was seen to be extremely happy in a white dress, as she even jumped up and down with excitement and then ran to the front door of her home.

This was the spontaneous moment (Photo: Instagram/@niurka.oficial)

Seeing her partner, the Cuban woman jumped for joy and even moved her dogs away so that they would not attack him, when she entered her receiving patio, she jumped into his arms so that he would carry her and He gave her tender kisses on the mouth.

For its part, John Vidal He outlined a big smile and hugged Niurka, then they took off and entered his room, on the way, the actor greeted all the dogs that his girlfriend has and then left his things on the table.

Once they were able to hug each other again, they addressed a few words to the hundreds of fans who were watching them. Vidal’s emotion prevented him from realizing that his reunion was being broadcast live.

The approaches between the Cuban and Vidal became more and more recurrent in The House of Celebrities 2 (Photo: Screenshot)
The approaches between the Cuban and Vidal became more and more recurrent in The House of Celebrities 2 (Photo: Screenshot)

“It is so that people know that we are well, we have never been distantfrom the forgiveness, we were always stuck, supporting each other, talking on the phone, “said Niurka.

Later, Niurka made a very passionate confession, as she shared that they were intimate from a distance “suddenly we had cyber sex”he mentioned between laughs.

Subsequently, the former participant of The House of Celebrities 2 addressed a message to people who doubted his love: “sadly for that negative person who thought we made fun of, we have time to wait, we had all the patience in the world to be clinging, talking and having communication.

After the words to the public, the lovers They made a chin Chin (toast) for their reunion. Niurka addressed her “bebenius” to apologize for keeping the romance hermetic for a while “for everything that Juan Vidal was experiencing”this with the aim of not generating “envy” or “ardience”.

This was the couple's toast (Photo: screenshot Instagram/@Niurka.oficial)
This was the couple’s toast (Photo: screenshot Instagram/@Niurka.oficial)

The fans of the new couple said they were happy and excited to see them together again, so they made comments like: “I love you !!!! #Teamazul Always”, “How cute you look like a teenager”, “What a beautiful moment. Beautiful couple.” and “ouch! how she longed for her to finally see them together”.

Niurka and the couple’s fans spoke of a wait because Juan Vidal is facing a series of accusations for an unsuccessful loan of money, who made said statement was Cynthia Klitbo, his former partner.

After his departure from The House of the FamousJuan Vidal offered an interview for the television program the hot tablewhere he spoke of the recent declarations of Cynthia Klitbo and about the audios that leaked from him.

Juan Vidal and Niurka began their romance inside the reality show
Juan Vidal and Niurka began their romance inside the reality show

“An upset man who is arguing with his partner, just like her too, but I’m not going to speak ill of herWhat I want is to leave this alone, give him his money and his opinion is his opinion, “he reiterated.

Last weekend, the romance between the two gained strength for Niurka and Juan Vidal remembered their passionate moments inside La Casa de los Famosos.

“The answer is simple, there are things in life that cannot be denied, The act of searching without Finding and Finding when one is no longer looking….And I found you”, they both wrote in their accounts while tagging each other in the video they posted.


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