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This was the reunion of Alejandra Guzmán with Erik Rubín: “Love is eternal and sometimes you have to let it go”

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The singer had an affair with him in the past.

Alejandra Guzman It was presented on the night of Saturday, July 30, in one of the largest venues in the Mexican metropolis: the Mexico City Arena. Although there are various rumors that not all the concert spaces were sold, their special guests made the start of the tour Yours Tour one more hit on the singer’s list.

Three great Mexican stars were announced in advance for the great night that marked the return of Queen of hearts to Mexico, after a short, controversial and viral tour of the United States with the Perrísimas Tour next to whoever was his greatest artistic and sentimental rival, Pauline Rubio. Possibly for that reason and with the intention of making it clear that “past already trodden”, the man in dispute that gave rise to the classic Hey Guera It was the main attraction.

the interpreter and Erik Rubin They met again on the same stage after years of controversy that during this 2022 have apparently been overcome. Alejandra Guzmán introduced her former boyfriend and the main reason for the iconic fight with the golden girlmaking the night a moment that fans who have not yet attended have celebrated on social networks.

This was the reunion of Alejandra Guzmán with Erik Rubín after his love triangle with Paulina Rubio (Photos: Instagram/@laguzmanmx/@team.guzman/@erikrubinoficial)

“I have a big surprise for you. love is beautiful and love is real, I think that when it is real it will always be eternal and sometimes you have to let it go”, Guzmán said at the beginning of the presentation, causing a stir among the attendees who commented in advance that it was the most anticipated of the night.

The theme chosen by the daughter of Enrique Guzmán was Love you againone of the most remembered classics by her fans that was released in 2006 and despite the fact that it is considered a pop-rock anthem, the lyrics were written by her and the member of Camila, Mario Domm.

The presentation transpired with great success and at the end of the more than three minutes that the melody lasts, Andrea Legarreta’s husband thanked the invitation and reminded the singer that love is mutual and will always be so, despite the fact that in the past Things did not end well at all since Rubín dated both girls at the same time, being him, thus recognized by himself, the cause of the female rivalry that apparently will never end.

The theme chosen by Enrique Guzmán
The theme chosen by Enrique Guzmán’s daughter was “Volverte amar” (Photo: Instagram/@team.gizman)

Alejandra invited her friend and singer to the stage aleks sintek where both interpreted the song, Sex, modesty and tearswhich both have performed for the homonymous film: “These three years have been the most difficult of my life and sometimes, that happens to make you stronger, I want to thank all the people who have taught me to do better with myself and with you”, he shared with his fans and fans.

With Fei interprets Eternally beautiful, being a great challenge for both since their musical styles and even their vocal abilities are extremely different due to the tonalities that each one can interpret. Despite this, the result was to the great taste of the public who have even requested them on social networks to one day launch a musical collaboration.

Silvia Pinal attended the concert (Photo: Instagram)
Silvia Pinal attended the concert (Photo: Instagram)

The great star of the night, who even stole the spotlight from Alejandra Guzmán herself, was her mother, the first actress and last diva of the gold cinema Mexican: Silvia Pinal. “I’m going to make you proud mommy, everything I learned from you”, Said the singer when she shared with the attendees that Diego Rivera’s muse was, causing a great wave of applause and shouts since in recent months the dynasty has gone through great scandals related to her and her state of health.


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