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This was the participation of Mon Laferte in a musical reality show in Chile: “They were exploiters”

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Norma Montserrat Bustamante enjoys much recognition in the Latin American music scene under the nickname of Mon Laferte, but few people know that in the beginning he used his first name to sing, in addition to being part of Red, a musical reality show in his native Chile.

In an interview for the podcast Creativethe singer behind the success your lack of wanting He spoke of this stage on Chilean television, but first he commented: “I have gone through the stage where I visit my previous works and I feel uncomfortable, and I don’t want to show them. And then I have gone to that stage where it gives me a lot of tenderness, I value it and share it; when you pass like that threshold like you got over it, like I already matured in that sense”.

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Then, he talked about his stage as a member of the reality show Red: “When I was little I sang on a television program in Chile and There was a time when I was very embarrassed when they saw my videos from when I was on the show., and now I see them and it makes me laugh. There are some horrible things that I did, but I say ‘Okay’, she was very young and she was there chambeando, wanting it and it was the best thing that she could do at that moment ”.

Regarding the dynamics of the program, he pointed out that “They were exploiters of shit…you entered to compete and they hired the 5 winners, but they paid you nothing and they had you sitting there doing nothing”.

From the first generation, 5 won and those 5 sat there, they were almost from the scenery, we were a tree, and other generations came who competed. Sometimes they made me sing, sometimes they made me drive, whatever, whatever idiocy they came up with had to be there,” he detailed.

Likewise, Mon said that he came to the program at the age of 18 and at that time “for me, television was everything, it was the most I could aspire to in life. I wanted to go because I wanted to sing, I wanted to record an album, but once you’re there you don’t realize what’s happening”.

Another issue that kept her in reality was a contract. “I lasted 5 years. The first two years she wanted to be there, she was happy, but then it was ‘I already want to leave’ and ‘Here it says you can’t leave’. I didn’t pay a fine, we had some lawyers, some conversations. I was little, I didn’t understand anything, I was afraid,” she stressed.


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