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This was the occasion when BLACKPINK met Los Tucanes de Tijuana and danced ‘La Chona’

BLACKPINK is one of the most important K-pop groups and the group made up of Jennie, Rosé, Lisa and Jisoo once met Los Tucanes de Tijuana, who for several years have praised regional Mexican music. As if that were not enough, the South Koreans did not resist dancing to the rhythm of La Chona.

It was in 2019 when BLACKPINK attended the Coachella Festival where Los Tucanes de Tijuana also performed.who made the public dance during their presentation, howeverthey did not expect that some of the members of this group originally from South Korea would also enjoy their music.

On that occasion, Jennie and Rosé were two of the members who attended the presentation of Los Tucanes de Tijuana and they uploaded a video on their social networks, which is already on YouTube, where they shared with their followers the fun moment they were having with the music of the Mexican group, especially when they started playing La Chona.

But that was not the only interaction that existed between the K-pop group and the Mexicans, since Gustavo Labrada, drummer of Los Tucanes de Tijuana looked for the idols to meet them and take a photo with them.

Chito, as the drummer is also known, He shared a photo with BLACKPINK and explained that they were very kind to him.

“Beautiful, talented and kind girls from BLACKPINK… my Tati happy to see them in the front row, too bad they didn’t let her in with them to take a photo. She is her favorite band, but she still sang and danced the whole concert in the front row”.

On the other hand, the musician shared a photo of the moment in which the singers were in an interview and he waited for them to finish doing it so he could meet them.

“Another photo here with BLACKPINK. Waiting for them to finish their interviews to greet them.”


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