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This was the first telenovela of Manuel Ojeda, the distinguished villain of melodramas

The present dayAugust 11, the death of Manuel Ojeda was confirmed, according to a statement from the National Association of Actorshighlighting the trajectory of the actor who for several decades played different roles in Mexican cinema and television.

Although the details of his death have not been revealed, The news caused a great impact on several celebrities from the world of entertainment like Erika Buenfil, Ana María Alvarado, Eduardo España and others.

At the age of 81, the actor continued working on the recordings of the telenovela Warrior heart with a leading role. Therefore, his death did not go unnoticed among his fellow actors, producers and public figures.

Therefore we tell you how was the great debut of the renowned actor in soap operasafter having a career in national cinema.

Manuel Ojeda’s debut in soap operas

Manuel Ojeda’s presentation in soap operas was in the production of holy from 1978a Televisa melodrama, directed by Irene Sabino and starring Tina Romero (Santa) and Sergio Jiménez (Hipólito), with actor Manuel Ojeda as Federico Gamboa, the main villain of the story.

The story presents Santa, a woman who by chance ends up working in a brothel., after losing his son and the support of his family. In the brothel he meets La Gaditana and Hipólito, a blind pianist.

Santa meets “El Jarameno”, a bullfighter who fell in love with her and proposes to her, but Santa refuses and asks Hipólito for help to save her, and this leads her to a tragic and unexpected end.

Said telenovela was based on a play, of which three versions had been made in the cinema. After this production, the Mexican actor made other successful telenovelas such as similar to love, songbook, For love, The right to be born Y alien love.

Nevertheless, his best-known telenovela was path of glory where he played Emiliano Zapato Y The flight of the Eagle as Porfirio Diazsince in the words of the actor, characterization was one of the main tools that helped him bring his characters to life.

However, the versatility of the actor Manuel Ojeda also allowed him to play mythical characters or those who broke certain stereotypes as a father who faces the challenge of supporting his son’s preferences in the soap opera the most beautiful ugly.

Thus, the actor originally from La Paz, Baja California Sur, left a great mark on the world of entertainmentbeing remembered by several of his fans who have followed his career from the movies.

Before venturing into soap operas, Manuel Ojeda made more than 200 films in the 1970s, after studying acting at the Institute of Fine Arts, beginning his career as a theater actor and later entering film sets.


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