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This was the connection of Amaparo Serrano with the Virgin of Guadalupe: “She is my godmother”

Amparo Serrano, better known as ‘Amparín’, She was a Mexican designer who created the brand ‘Distroller’who became known for his animated interpretation of the Virgin of Guadalupe.

Through social networks, Amparo’s daughter, Camila West, announced that her mother He passed away at the age of 56.

How do I start the Amparo business?

Amparo’s business began after her marriage to businessman and manager David West, who at the time was working in a bank. After the union, they both moved to New York, where she took a pottery course, in which he elaborated particularly dishes. It was here that she began to draw on them.

times after the organizer of the workshop asked Amparo for permission to exhibit her work in the magazine ‘Beautiful House’, becoming the first person to applaud their products. After this she obtained security and on her return to Mexico bought a pottery kilnHowever, he never believed that it would become a business.

I never gave myself the chance to believe that I was going to win a penny in my life, it was churro ”, he commented.

His work little by little he began to be liked by othersalthough it took several years to start formally as a business.

Amparo Serrano and her relationship with the Virgin

According to Amparo, she considered herself catholicalthough more Guadalupan since all her life she and her family made pilgrimages to the Basilica.

“I have always had something special with her, regarding drawing, I only know how to caricature, I would never have been able to do it as it is”.

In addition, Amparo Serrano considered the Virgin of Guadalupe as a godmother, since she was the one who allowed him to succeed with Distroller. After using it for the first time in her dishes, the business grew exponentially.

By having the oven and sporadically dedicating himself to ceramics, A friend of Amparo’s asked her for dishes for her daughter’s baptism. This was the perfect occasion to place the Virgin on the plate.

The above was well received by some, considering it not only beautiful but creative, although also was harshly criticized by the most religious, who rebuked her. Regardless of the welcome the brand grew rapidly.

The complaints were about caricature of the image of the Virginto which she replied that no one has been able to see any Catholic character as such, so they are all just interpretations as valid as hers.

Even recounted a bad experience at La Villawhere he witnessed the refusal of a father towards a girl to bless his Virgin, as it was from the famous brand. Neither the father nor anyone knew that Amparo was the owner of the brand and she was behind the minor.

Finally, he pointed out that not everything was bad, since he also received good treatment from the same church, even receiving offers of collaborations and thanks for bringing faith and religion closer to children; the same contributed to the joy of religious imagesby adding color and removing the flagellate, a situation that he experienced with David who was Jewish and experienced fear with Catholic images.


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