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This was Belinda’s last telenovela with Edith González

Definitely, Belinda is one of the most famous artists in Mexico who has managed to position herself in music, film and television. with more than 20 years of career. Therefore, the day of today we remember the last telenovela that the singer made next to the actress Edith González.

It is enough to remember that during the first decade of her career, Belinda became the most outstanding youth artist in music and television in Mexico, in addition to having her debut in the United States in the film Cheetah Girls 2 from Disney.

Two years later he returned to Mexican television to star in the telenovela chameleons and interpret the main theme get out of my skinin 2009, becoming one of the most prominent celebrities in the country.

How was the relationship between Belinda and Edith González in ‘Camaleones’?

chameleons was a youth telenovela produced by Rosy Ocampo on Televisa in 2009being the last telenovela starring belinda. In addition to counting with an outstanding cast of actors such as Edith González, Alfonso Herrera, Manuel ‘El Flaco’ Ibáñez and Guillermo Garcia Cantu.

In addition to having new talents such as the singer Pee Wee and youth actors of the time such as Sherlyn González, Mariluz Bermúdez, Mario Moreno, Michelle Renaud, Erik Díaz and Grettell Valdez.

Also, Edith González’s daughter also had a small special appearance in said telenovelaConstanza Creel, being a character with little participation in the telenovela but memorable for several fans of the actress from Wild Heart.

Although little is currently known about Edith González’s daughter, no one would be surprised if in a couple of years she would be seen acting on the small screen, following in the footsteps of the late actress.

On the other hand, over the years, several actors like Grettel Valdéz have made known in interviews that the singer Belinda, always had a very cordial relationship with her and her colleagues inside the set (including Edith González).

Even the interpreter of Selfishdedicated a few words to Edith González upon learning of her death:

“We will always remember you so special, so unique, so beautiful inside and out, with a huge angel, we love you Edith, rest in peace,” said the singer.

in the soap opera chameleons, Edith González played Francisca Campos, the director and owner of Colegio San Bartolométhe place where the story of the telenovela takes place.


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