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This is what the locations of “Amarte Duele” look like 20 years after its premiere in Mexico

Amarte Duele turns 20 this 2022 and fans have already begun to remember her on social networks, starting with the location of her locations (Photo: Altavista Films / Luis Fernando Peña)

Loving You hurtsone of the most popular Mexican films of Mexican pop culture, celebrates 20 years of its premiere in this 2022and if something has intrigued its fans over time, it is his scenes filmed around Mexico City.

In celebration, a Tiktoker by name thefilmtoursmx revealed in a video the locations of the most emblematic places in the film directed by Fernando Sariñana, where the protagonists went down in history with the names of Renata and Ulysses (Martha Higareda and Luis Fernando Peña).

The places, after a few visits through Google Maps, are quite changed, they even ceased to exist, they became larger, they changed their name or they are private land where you cannot enter or take pictures.

Amarte Duele (2002) by Fernando Sariñana is still one of the most beloved films by the Mexican public
Amarte Duele (2002) by Fernando Sariñana is still one of the most beloved films by the Mexican public

Santa Fe Shopping Center

The first place you should visit, without a doubt, is The Santa Fe Center, the central piece of the telenovela, since the protagonists of it met there, through the window of a record store; don’t be surprised if the area has changed drastically, because 20 years have passed.

It is located at Avenida Vasco de Quiroga number 3800 in the Colonia Santa Fe Cuajimalpa, in Cuajimalpa de Morelos, Mexico City; however, the most famous bridge in question, where Ulises makes a graffiti, is in Prolongación Paseo de la Reforma. You can find it on Google Maps precisely with the name “Ephedra”same with which the character in the illustration was baptized.

House of Renata and House of Ulises

Supposedly Renata’s house and Ulises’s house were at completely opposite poles of a fanciful Mexico City in which Renata lived in a privileged neighborhood and Ulises in a rough neighborhood; however, both are less than 20 minutes apart in the same area as the previous one.

The bridge near the Santa Fe Shopping Center is probably the most popular in the movie (Photo: Google Maps)
The bridge near the Santa Fe Shopping Center is probably the most popular in the movie (Photo: Google Maps)

Hers is located in the Colonia San Lorenzo Copilco, and really you can only visit from the outside, since it is a private property. The balcony is no longer visible, it was covered with plants, although Google Maps will allow you to explore it on other dates such as 2009, 2011 and 2019.

On the other hand, the house of the protagonist, as well as the street where some scenes were located, is in the Colonia Carlos A. Madrazoright next to the square Patio Santa Fe Shopping Center. Due to its colorful color, it is one of the most prominent in its neighborhood, and you cannot access it either.

Renata’s school

The Justo Sierra High School in San Mateolocated in the private area of ​​Los Cipreses 2010, San Juan Totoltepec, Naucalpan de Juárez, is one of the most iconic constructions in the film due to its impressive architecture, and because there a pitched fight ensued.

At the time the film was recorded, in 2002, it was not yet a school owned by the Justo Sierra Educational System, which started as a high school and 14 degrees in 2006, to add a secondary school in 2004. One of the comments on the TikTok video ensures that it was then the New World University.

As you can imagine, being inside a private one, you cannot access the facilities, corridors and of course, the facade that you would like to know so muchdespite the fact that in the film it was more of a public street.

Renata’s Cemetery

In Google Maps you can locate the pantheon Gayosso The Cypresses, in front of Justo Sierra High School, with the name “Tomb of Renata López Jensen. This complete one is on Calle Los Cipreses 2000, Ex Hacienda Rancho Las Ánimas, also in Naucalpan, State of Mexico.

This space is easier to visit than the others, although when you arrive you will not find any memorial, plaque or other object that contains the name of the protagonist of the story, you could be disappointed.

Other places you can visit if you want to take some pictures of your favorite movie are the Chapultepec Lakeand the land where it was located The fairsince it ceased to exist, as well as the road distributor Santa Fe, the College of San Ildefonso, La Marquesa and Xochimilco.

The sad scene where Ulises and Renata want to flee towards the beaches of Acapulco, where they would like to start a new life far from all the prejudices of their relatives, but ends up dying from a gunshot, is neither more nor less than the Observatory Truck Terminal.


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