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This is what happened to Fernando Ciangherotti, the famous actor of ‘Quinceañera’

Thanks to Mexican soap operas, several celebrities became known during the 1980s. later they forged a consolidated career and today many remember it due to to his great performances and one of them is Fernando Ciangherotti.

The actor rose to fame in the 80s after following in his father’s footsteps and, like him, succeeding and having a recognized career.. Next, we tell you what has become of Fernando Ciangherotti after triumphing in film and television.

The beginnings of Fernando Ciangherotti

The actor was born on September 6, 1959 and thanks to his father, Fernando Luján, since he was a child he was surrounded by the world of acting, in addition to some of his brothers have dedicated themselves to acting.

Fernando Ciangherotti debuted in 1982 with a small role in the telenovela Bianca Vida, although he gained great relevance two years later when he participated in Treachery where he shared credits with Helena Rojo, Jorge Vargas, Gonzalo Vega, among others. We also saw him in the successful telenovela Quinceañera.

Although his career began on Televisa, it was at the end of the 90s when he began working on telenovelas made on TV Azteca, the first one he did on this television station was on North of the heart.

In the theater the actor participated in Small but spicy, 12 men in conflict, The Clean Houseamong other. As for the cinema, we have seen it in Bus station, One step to heaven, Ordinary people, Without her and more.

doWhat I pass with the?

It was in 2016 when the actor returned to Televisa with no trace of you and then worked at the beloved. His last production on the small screen was in the telenovela burning fire. And although he hasn’t seen him on television for a little over a year, the famous man remains active on his social networks such as Instagram.

It is through this social network where he shares photos with his followers where he remembers some of the productions in which he has worked up. In addition, he uploads images with his father Fernando Luján, who died in 2019.

His controversial relationship with Alejandra Ávalos

It was in 1988 that Fernando Ciangherotti and Alejandra Ávalos got married, but their relationship ended four years later. It is known that between them everything ended badly and recently The singer assured that the actor was jealous of her and did not treat her well the time they were together.

In an interview with Joy come, Alejandra Ávalos revealed the reason why the actor divorced, even detailed that the famous one once threatened her with a gun.

On the other hand, the also actress commented that at that time she attended a concert by Luis Miguel with Fernando Ciangherotti, at the end she offered to drive the car in which they moved, Well, according to what the actor said, he was not fit to drive.

“I forced him to get out of the car so that he could get on the passenger side and I would drive to get home safe and sound, but he kept arguing with me because he was jealous of the singer we went to see that night: Luis Miguel. At that moment I heard a shot inside the car, it hit me from behind, the bullet passed between the backrest and my back.”


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