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This Is Us star Sterling K. Brown reflects on the show’s sixth and final season

This Is Us star Sterling K. Brown reflects on the show's sixth and final season

Last Thursday, fans of This is us They began to say goodbye to the history of the Pearson family with the first chapter of the sixth season. A few days after Star + premieres the second episode of the last 18, Sterling K. Brown pondered why the series finale will be special.

The star of the tear-jerker drama created by Dan fogelman confessed that had to prepare to say goodbye to Randall Pearson, a character that inspired him from the moment he read the pilot chapter.

Looking back on the evolution of the plot, he said be proud of the series’ ability to maintain both quality and emotional consistency throughout the six years which aired on the US air channel NBC. And he announced that he is very satisfied with the ending.

First Of All, A Historical Motto That Fits Perfectly With The Pearsons And Its Surroundings.

First of all, a historical motto that fits perfectly with The Pearsons and its surroundings.

“I think the fact that we and he (Fogelman) knew from the beginning that the story was six seasons long, gave us the opportunity to do something that doesn’t happen a lot on television: that true sense of closureSterling explains.

We have been building something from the start. And now we have the opportunity to conclude that artistic vision that Fogelman had, “he added.

The teachings of This Is Us

Sterling K. Brown Spoke Of The Importance Of Showing On Tv How Mental Health, Like His Character'S, Is Seriously Addressed.

Sterling K. Brown spoke of the importance of showing on TV how mental health, like his character’s, is seriously addressed.

While the followers of This is us continue to search for clues and speculate on how the family fiction moving on various timelines might end, the future scene showing an elderly and ill Rebecca (Mandy Moore) lying on a bed at Kevin’s house is known (Justin hartley) -and that became the object of ridicule on the networks– will be key in the conclusion of the story.

But even after Kate’s fate is revealed (Chrissy metz), Kevin, Randall and the rest of the Pearsons, Sterling K. Brown hopes that This is us remain present in the collective memory and continue to inspire viewers for years to come.

“The series is about what it’s like to live with loss and move on”, explains Brown, winner of a Golden Globe and two Emmy Awards for best actor for his screen work as the adopted son of Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and Rebecca.

The Three &Quot;Boys&Quot; Pearson, As The Years Of The Series Go By.

The three “boys” Pearson, as the years of the series go by.

“We all face ups and downs in life, but, at the end of the day, we keep moving forward. At first you see a grieving family dealing with the loss of a father; and now you see them dealing with the deterioration of their mother’s health. And nothing. that’s a reason to stop living, “summarizes Brown.

Randall, an inspiration to others

As the chapters of This is us, Randall Pearson is revealed to be suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. That’s why Sterling also spoke about the importance of prioritizing mental health, a topic that is often stigmatized in many communities.

This Is Us Star Sterling K. Brown Reflected On The Series Finale.

This Is Us star Sterling K. Brown reflected on the series finale.

“I knew it was an issue that men, African American men, don’t take as much into account as they should,” Sterling said. “Within the black community in particular, there is a stigma around mental health”, opines.

Hence Brown feels that the character can change that paradigm. “I hope and believe, to some extent, that people see Randall getting the kind of help that he needs and that it allows other people to think: ‘If Randall can do it, I can do it too’“.

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