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‘This Is Us’ fast-forward to Rebecca’s final days

'This Is Us' fast-forward to Rebecca's final days

As the series prepares for its curtain call, Tuesday's episode catches everyone up as the family gathers together to say goodbye.

spoiler ALERT! Don’t proceed if you haven’t seen Tuesday’s episode. this is us.

with this is us As the end soon approaches, the latest episode begins a week after Miguel’s heartbreaking death and forces the Big Three to confront some hard facts about their mother.

Titled “Family Meeting,” it was time for Kate, Kevin, and Randall to sit down and have a rough conversation about the best course of action in caring for Rebecca, who was already a shell of her own in the midst of her Alzheimer’s battle. Miguel defeat. While the three Pearson siblings each had their own ideas of what would be best—from visiting Rebecca to Randall and Beth’s house to the trio flying to visit their mom when their schedules allowed— They are separated but unified in their goal. Making sure she was cared for, eventually coming to a decision that ultimately took into account their mother’s comfort.

Kevin and Sophie propose that they move back to the house they once built for Rebecca the man-newThe taping of the series finale ends, and Madison and her family — including their twins — will also relocate back to the East Coast, something she and her husband are already thinking about being closer to their side of the family. Were were Of course, reaching that solution was not easy. But the important thing is that they all got there. Kevin tells his brother and sister, “We have a chance here to give Mom what she wanted, for her and for us.”

As the episodes progressed, time passed as the next weeks, months, and years were all blended families as Rebecca continued to deteriorate mentally and later, physically.

this is us
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in the last minutes, as this is us Ready for its final two episodes, the show fast-forwarded into the very near future, holding everyone up to the moment it was set a few seasons ago. Older Kevin calls Randall, who has salt and pepper in his beard, after laying Rebecca on the bed as he sits in his office—a routine Kevin has probably done a million times by now.

“They’re saying it won’t be long anymore,” Kevin breaks the news to Randall over the phone, advising that he and his family get home as soon as possible — meaning Rebecca may not be long in this world. For.

“Okay,” says Randall simply.

“Okay,” ends the call before Kevin sees the long-sleeping Rebecca.

The final moments of the episode catch everyone on the timeline this is us Seasons ago as hinted at, the rest of the family arrived at the house to say their final goodbyes. There are only two episodes left in the series, and production has officially wrapped (as the cast) Celebrated at rap party over the weekend), it’s bound to be an emotional ride as Pearson (and the audience) prepare to send Rebecca to Pearl’s gate.

this is us Airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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