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This is the top 10 on HBO Max to not get bored on the weekend

HBO Max is a streaming platform that more popular in recent yearshaving as part of its content many productions that were nominated for the past Emmy Awards, which recognizes the best of television in the United States.

Within its platform we can find its top 10 most watched movies and series, specifically in the country you are in, in this case, what the users of Mexico put in trend within HBObased on the most viewed.

this is the top

1-.The House of the Dragon: This series is one of those that were recently added, and it is a story 200 years before the history of Game of Thrones, that is, the House of the Dragon is an antecedent of Game of Thrones. Thrones. The plot talks about a civil war between two brothers who want the throne left by their father.

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two-.Could it be that it is love?: This series is about a couple made up of a businessman named Serkan, and a young woman named Eda, both they pretend to have a relationship although the reality is that they get along badlybut the story takes turns in which the couple can really fall in love.

3-.betrayed: It is a series starring a successful doctor named Asya, who is happily married to Volkan, they both live a life full of love and happiness, until Rumors of infidelity run through their relationship.

4-.The White Lotus: This is an HBO Max original miniseries, which was winner in the category of Best Limited Seriesat the Emmy Awards. The story is a social satire about the guests and employees of a luxurious hotel in Hawaii.

5-.rick and morty: A cartoon that talks about the adventures of an alcoholic and mad scientist named Rick, and his grandson Mort. in this animation shows the respect we should have towards grandparentsthey are as they are.

rick and morty

6-.Succession: It is one of the series with the most nominations in the past Emmy Awards and also won the award of the night for Best Drama Series. The plot revolves around a powerful dysfunctional family, touches on issues around politics and money.

7-.The Relentless: This is a film about themes of revenge and terrorism, starring Jackie Chanwho plays a father seeking justice for the tragic death of his daughter from a bomb.

8-.race to perfection: It is a documentary to celebrate 70 years of Formula 1. It tells its story, and present images of the best moments and the most outstanding personalities during all this time.

9-.The Big Bang Theory: Already It is considered a classic in the world of series, and it is a comedy starring Leonard and Sheldon, two gifted quantum physicists who share life with two other very smart friends named Howard Wolowitz and Rajesh Koothrapali and their neighbor Penny.

Big Bang Theory

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10-.The Wolves: The story of this film is about two children and their mother who are of Mexican origin but who in search of a better one they cross the border into the United States. To take refuge, they use their drawings and their imagination, with the illusion of knowing Disney.


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