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This is the state of health of the MIRROR dancers after the giant screen fell

Terror was experienced in Hong Kong after a giant screen became detached from its site and fell on one of the dancers of the boy band local MIRRORprovoking him serious injuries, later, he would hit a secondwho tried to help his partner.

Almost a week after what happened, the images continue to circulate on social networks, and now in an interview for the portal of South China Morning post speak the wife of one of the wounded second dancer, who also updated the state of his health.

Some reports indicated that the dancer Chang Tsz-fung had received minor injuries and was released from hospital.; however, his wife told the Asian portal that this is fakeand is still under medical care in a hospital.

Who are MIRROR, the Hong Kong band that dropped the giant screen?

Chang couldn’t see the LED screen when he was about to fall down… he ran forward and tried to help (Mo Lee Kai-yin, dancer whose monitor fell flat) when he saw what happened“, he recounted. “Tried to hold the screen but it was too heavy and fell under the screen“, he added.

After also falling under the screen, his stage partners lifted the 16-square-meter screen and freed the still-conscious Chang. However, in that period he received blows to the head and his pelvis and thighs were crushed by the screen.

Shortly after the accident, he felt unwell afterward and had to be taken to hospital where his care is still continuing. Now You will need to do daily physical therapy to recoveraccording to what was said by his wife.

Dancer whose screen fell completely, at risk of being paralyzed

On the other hand, there is the story of Mo Lee Kai-yin, who is reported by the portal that he could be paralyzed from the neck down after being completely shocked by the screen. So far, only this is known and it remains in a delicate state of gravity.

Meanwhile, the authorities are looking for those responsible, among whom could be find the authorized mill to verify that the facilities were adequate; but they could also fall on the organizer, since they only carried out a review for the first show, and this happened in the fourth.


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