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This is the renowned host of ‘HOY’ who began his career alongside María Félix

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Currently, One of the hosts of the HOY program had the privilege of meeting and working alongside the iconic actress María Félixwhen he was just a child, showing that some people were born to succeed in front of the cameras and today, he is one of the most beloved celebrities on Mexican television.

On the other hand, María Félix is ​​one of the most important icons of Mexican cinema, having several of the most impressive nicknames in the show business: La Doña and María Bonita, showing that her talent and personality made her a legend.

After his debut in the movie The rock of the soulsMaría Félix shared the screen with great movie stars of the time and with future celebrities of Mexican television, in addition to starring in several films in France, Rome and Argentina.

Who is the host of ‘Hoy’ who worked with María Félix?

Raúl Araiza Herrera, better known as ‘El Negro’ Araiza was one of the actors who had the opportunity to work alongside María Félix When he was just a child, and to this day, he is one of the most important conductors on Mexican television, standing out in programs such as TODAY Y members on air.

the driver of TODAY worked together with María Félix in the soap opera The Constitutiona production that was directed by the actor’s father, Raúl Araiza.

And although not many can boast that they worked alongside the diva of the Cine de Oro, Raúl Araiza revealed that his experience working with ‘La Doña’ was not the bestbecause the actress pinched him to say his part of the script.

After 84 episodes of participating in the telenovela, the host of TODAY Now he boasts with great affection his past with the actress María Félixso he does not hesitate to share his experience having worked as an actor and driver for several years.


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