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This is the lift chair from which Amparín Serrano fell

  • One of the creative amenities he had in his house
  • creator of distributor
  • Amaparín Serrano presumably fell from there

After the announcement on social networks of the surprise death of the founder and creative mind of Distroller, different theories have emerged about the “house accident” for which it is said that he died. Social network users began to make theories about it. Today we tell you that this is the lift chair from which Amparín Serrano fell.

No one would imagine that one of his creative spaces found in his peculiar home would be the origin of an unfortunate and unexpected outcome for Amparín Serrano. The news of his death was released last Friday, August 12.

The creator of Distroller dies

The creator of Distroller dies

According to The universal, the actress Minnie West said goodbye and reported the death of her mother Amparín through social networks, calling the entrepreneur her hero and idol. “Mom: I write this with a broken heart without believing that this is true,” she reads on her Instagram account.

After indicating that from now on her life will be gray, Minnie assured that her mother is immortal because she will always live in her. “This is the most difficult goodbye of my life, I love you fletzo, I know you are in distropolis, a world you always imagined,” she wrote according to The universal.

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