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This is how Yuridia celebrated after winning “La Voz México 2022” with Fátima Elizondo

The singer confessed that she will miss her classmates.

Then raise the trophy The Voice Mexico 2022 Along with Fátima Elizondo -finalist of her team-, Yuridia opened a space to her intimacy like never before to share how she lived the reality show’s grand finale with her loved ones, because although she already knew the result, He couldn’t help but get emotional as he relived that moment from the other side of the screen.

After weeks of competition, the grand winner of the program, Fétima Elizondo, was finally announced. Under the direction of the former academic, she managed to conquer the public with her performances, especially during the final, where she sang when i wanted to be great by Vicente Fernández, a song with which he auditioned and managed to attract the attention of his coach.

Yuridia with Fátima, the winner of the program in its 2022 edition. (Instagram capture: @yuridiaflowers)

The latest program The voice aired on August 29 and it was full of emotions, but before delving into the musical numbers and collaborations that shocked the public, it is important to return to a recent publication in Instagram of Yuridia, where for the first time she shared her joy with her fans.

“And now that it is another day, I can tell you that it is wonderful to have been part of a program that is so fun, exciting but above all full of talent and love. Congratulations to my precious participants for all the magical moments that @fatimaelizondooficial and @isaardzz gave us”, she commented on her finalists and her participation in the reality show in general.

But that was not all, with his characteristic sense of humor he assured that he will regret not seeing his teammates as often as they did during the recordings: “And congratulations to everyone on the team of my teammates who were constantly fighting and giving everything, no I knew who to love more. I will miss my baby fiu fiu yoselito very hard, the jach and David for making me laugh until I had a micro heart attack”.

Finally, he thanked all those people who always supported his team and who during the last programs supported Fátima Elizondo. As expected, her message was applauded by her followers from Instagrambut something that caught the attention was a video that he put in his post because it can be seen that he saw the final from the comfort of a room in the company of those who could be his relatives.

From that place the singer revived when she won and shouted with great euphoria, she even kicked. She also added a screenshot of a conversation on social networks where she received a very peculiar congratulations: “Congratulations, until you won something” in reference to the fact that came second when he participated in the fourth generation of The academy.

“Oh I love you!!! Very happy to be part of the #oyuridia team. Everything was magical!!!” Elizondo wrote in the comments.

“Love the WhatsApp conversation.” “Congratulations, life finally rewards you.” “What I needed was to see your reaction on the show and live is the best. Thank you for having so much fun, for making us happy every day of The voice, for being so unique and unrepeatable”. “Some caguas to celebrate”. “Let more beautiful things come for you.” “The best reaction, we all shouted at last, it was won”, were other reactions.

During the final Yuridia sang with Edén Muñoz, David Bisbal shone on stage in the company of María José -who was previously a coach on the reality show-, Ha*Ash drove the viewers crazy together with Kenia Os and Joss Favela surprised by appearing with La MS band.


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