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This is how Werevertumorro looked in his first video blog

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One of the pioneers in the creation of digital content for social networks is undoubtedly Gabriel Montiel, better known as ‘Werevertumorrow’, who started his formal career on YouTube more than 10 years ago.

His humor and the themes he tackled through comedy generated In a short time, he will establish himself as the most important YouTuber in Latin America.In addition, he was the first Mexican to exceed 100 million views and one million subscribers.

However, his first videos were not the classic sketches that made him famous, they were clips in the company of his friends in their coexistence at the university.

What did Werevertumorro look like in his first video?

Gabriel’s first video on the platform was published on March 8, 2007 and was titled ‘reta tin cont’although it is not currently available.

The other of his first videos recounts how it went during the week, details that I work from Monday to Friday, with the difference that the latter bought a movie, on the other hand he watched the program ‘Muévete’ on the weekend and rested; This is how Werevertumorro looked in its beginnings.


How much does Werevertumorro earn from YouTube?

He currently has four years without uploading videos to his YouTube channels, however, he continues to generate income. During an interview with Franco Escamilla revealed that monthly generates a sum of 20 thousand pesos only from YouTube without creating new clips.


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Reference from www.milenio.com

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