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This is how the historic funeral of Queen Elizabeth II was lived | PHOTOS

Icon of an era, Elizabeth II, who died after 70 years of historic reign, was solemnly honored this Monday at a state funeral at Westminster Abbey in the presence of leaders from around the world, before being buried privately in Windsor.

This is how the historic moment was lived.

Elizabeth II’s coffin left the funeral chapel for a State Funeral at Westminster Abbey.

The state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II began after ten dayss of various tributes in various places in the United Kingdom.

At 10:44 a.m. London time, 4:44 a.m. Mexico City, the coffin with the body of the British monarch was transferred in a state carriagel, as has been family tradition, to Westminster Abbey from the Burning Chapel, where he stayed for four days so that the so-called mourners could say goodbye to the queen.

Coffin of Queen Elizabeth II

King Charles III, Princess Anne, and Princes Andrew, Edward, William and HarryThey followed the funeral procession.

Between solemn music, five minutes before 11 in the morning, the coffin covered by the royal standard, its crown and scepter, as well as a couple of flower arrangements arrived at Westminster Abbey. The crown, the royal family reported, was adorned with foliage of rosemary, English oak and myrtle, at the request of King Charles III.

Queen isabel II


The latter was cut from a plant grown and used in the queen’s wedding bouquet. The flowers, in shades of gold, pink and deep burgundy, with hints of white, were cut from the gardens of royal residences.

Coffin of Queen Elizabeth II

The spiritual leader of the Anglican church, the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, praised Queen Elizabeth II’s life of duty and service at the state funeral for Britain’s longest-serving monarch on Monday.

“People who love to serve are rare in any walk of life. Leaders who love to serve are rarer still. But in all cases, those who serve will be loved and remembered, while those who cling to power and privilege are forgotten,” he said in his funeral sermon.

The coffin was returned to the state carriage after the ceremony at Westminster Abbey to be transferred to Wellington Arch.

Queen isabel II


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