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This is how the collaboration of Belinda and Moderatto was achieved for the song ‘Muiendo Slow’

Dying slow It is the Spanish version of the theme slowly (1984), from the ABBA group, which they were in charge of popularizing in Mexico first Timbiriche (1993) and later moderate, who included it on his album Metal detector (2004).

This song achieved hit status thanks to Belinda added his voice to the group commanded by Bryan Amadeus (character created by singer Jay de la Cueva). In an interview for the podcast Creative the mexican musician He told how this collaboration took place.

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“I remember that in the company that we were at that time, I proposed that Belinda do a duet with usa collaboration, and one of the senior executives told me: ‘My daughter is a big fan of yours, if you record with Belinda she will never listen to you again,’” Jay recalled.

“This friend and top executive said, ‘It’s going to change.’ And I said: ‘Well, it seems to me that the song needs a female voice’, because it’s an ABBA song, we thought it was a very good song and we needed a female voice, which for me was Belinda”, he added.

On why he also chose the actress for this issue, he pointed out: “I heard Belinda’s voice and it legitimately seemed like a good voice, you could see that she was the pop artist, she was Britney. Also, for me it was: ‘What couldn’t a rock band do?’”.

De la Cueva pointed out that the members spoke deeply about this collaboration: “We thought about it as a group and we said ‘This would be amazing‘. We spent hours in vans saying a lot of nonsense, which is where ideas are generated. The good thing is that many of those did not happen, but a large part were born, that is, in some Phobia truck the idea of ​​having a group like Moderatto was born.

So, the band contacted Belinda, who “was from the same company”, and the song was recorded.

But this one was not well received by all listeners: “The public that liked Moderatto began to hate us; we went from being stellar at the Vive Latino to not being able to play at a Vive again; Moderatto appeared at the festival just 3 years ago, we stopped playing 10 years at Vive”.


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