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This is how ‘Super Goalkeeper’ was born, the popular character of Eugenio Derbez

Eugenio Derbez currently enjoys great prestige in the international acting field after CODA, a film in which he played the role of a music teacher, won the Best Picture category at the last edition of the Oscars. But before this, the Mexican rose to national television with several comic characters.

One of these creations, which at the time drew many smiles, was the super goalkeeper, who used to interrupt people to prevent them from saying marks and this would cost their television station money; last week Derbez himself recalled the origin of said character through a snippet of an old interview he shared on his Facebook account.

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On Televisa you cannot say marks because you scored goals, and everything was born in the time of Verónica Castro, who in her program that she had at night suddenly said a mark and they shouted: ‘Goal’. You couldn’t, it was very forbidden, ”said the actor at the beginning of the talk.

So, Eugenio started his own comedy show, that’s why he started “looking for characters, things that were innovative. At that time I was with Victoria Ruffo and I accompanied her to a reading of a play; I was nosy and she was reading with Arthur Peniche, who was cross-legged just like me”.

I remember that the day before Mexico had beaten Canada and thanks to that he had gone to the World Cup; that day in the morning it had appeared in all the newspapers: ‘Mexico beats Canada’. So, I’m sitting in the reading room, I turn to see Peniche’s shoe and I see that it says Canada for the shoe store, and my head starts like this: ‘It’s a brand, but today I heard it in the morning on television, in the newspaper, everywhere… So you can say brands,’” he said.

With this thought in his head, Eugenio ran to his writers, “and I told them ‘I came up with a character, but I don’t know how to download it.’ I told them the anecdote of Peniche”.

At that time Jorge Campos was fashionable, so they took him as a reference to create the super goalkeeper, a goalkeeper who, at each mention of a brand, either indirectly or directly, interrupted. “That he be a goalkeeper, but that he be a superhero, and that’s where he was born”.


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