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This is how Rubén Cerda, ‘Gordonio’, lost weight: “I reached 220 kilos, I didn’t want to die”

Rubén Cerda is one of the show business characters most loved by the Mexican public. His extensive career and talent have made him participate in film, theater, radio and television, making him a complete artist.

Throughout his life he has faced different obstacles, mainly health; Below we share how his weight loss was.

Rubén Cerda and the beginnings of his obesity

Ruben Cerda se faced teasing for the first time at age 10this due to his weight, since he along with his siblings and parents were obese as a result of poor eating habits acquired through education.

At 14 years started exercisingspecializing in diving, even reaching the high performance team where Olympic athletes also trained, however, derived from an accident on his knees at the age of 18, he was unable to to perform multiple actions, which led to excessive weight gain.

When he was 23, the household scales could no longer weigh him; these reach up to 130 kilos. While Cerda was buying construction material, he thought it was a good idea to weigh himself on the store scale, discovering with it his true weight, 160 kilosan idea with which he stayed for years.

At the same time Televisa gave him the opportunity to appear on their screensthis through the opening and ‘inclusion’ of diverse bodies, which were used only for ridicule, example is your character ‘Gordon’on the comedy show ‘Zero in Conduct’so I consider that his corporality was a good idea.

Death of his father, the engine of change

When his father died of diabetes, Rubén knew that he did not want to die like thisAccording to the actor, they were years of agony. At that moment he decided that he should do something for his health.

When assisting with a bariatrician he knew the reality, his weight was 220 kilos. Once in treatment she was able to realize the addiction that she had for food. Rubén describes obesity as a contagious and hereditary disease.

He and his family lost more than 400 kilos

In 2006 he and his daughter Carla underwent bypass surgery. to reduce their stomachs. Seven months later his wife also underwent the procedure and four years later the whole family had undergone surgery in Monterrey.

In total, the Cerda family lost almost 400 kilosRubén lost 120 kilos, his wife 40, his daughters 84 and 86, and finally his son lost 56 kilos.


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