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This is how Pepillo Origel discovered Joan Sebastian’s infidelity to Maribel Guardia: “I caught him”

One of the most popular couples in the 90s was formed by Joan Sebastian and Maribel Guardiato the extent that their love was reflected in a soap opera, You and I (1996-1997). But it was just this production of Televisa that led to the end of their romance, because there the singer met and related to Arleth Teran.

In the program SNserious, Pepillo Origel recalled how he discovered and revealed the singer-songwriter’s infidelity: “The separation of Maribel Guardia with Joan Sebastian was because I cached it; I went to a club and I met him with my dear Arleth Terán”.

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“I did not know very well how the relationship with Maribel was, so I am saying: ‘What do you think? Yesterday I was in a club yesterday and I found Joan Sebastian very comfortable with Arleth‘” he added.

When he released this news, the singer’s then partner was in front of the television: “Maribel was watching the program and immediately took out all the clothes, all the things she threw out on the street”.

By this situation, “Joan Sebastian was very angry with me”, and to Pepillo’s bad luck they met during an event: “In one of those he went to Monterrey to a queen contest, Miss Mexico, I came and he sang there. Later there was a meeting, a party, I ran into him and said ‘This is going to hit me in the head…’”.

But the singer was “kind” to the journalist: “We grab a jug well to tastePepillo recalled.

With Maribel, Origel pointed out that currently “Right now I have a very nice friendship, I adore her, she is a charm”.

Finally, the show communicator said that “I am already beyond good and evil, right now I would not get involved… Even if I knew what I knew, I was not going to tell it. In fact, the program that I have right now with Martha Figueroa, With permission, we never attack or try to annoy people.


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