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This is how Niurka revealed her intentions to marry Juan Vidal

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celebrities are very much in love

After his reunion with Juan Vidal, Niurka has not stopped showing that she is completely in love with the former contestant of The House of the Famous 2. So much so that she already gave some indications that she would be willing to marry the actor despite the warnings that Cynthia Klitbo has made respect to the artist.

It was through your account Instagram where the Cuban shared a very peculiar video where she could be seen with a cake that had a figure of two newlyweds and a huge candle.

“Oh, how beautiful, how cutesy, my love, but my wedding dress is going to be more nude (…) there is a body for that”, commented the vedette.

To this, Juan Vidal was surprised and replied: “I can imagine it, it will be much more(body) you have left over”.

The comments were not long in coming and several social network users launched all kinds of comments at the scandalous wedding couple.

“Not even he believes she is going to get married, just by seeing her gestures.” “He looks with his face of: ‘Where am I getting myself? I just wanted a quickie and let’s go’, but hey, let’s continue the soap opera of these two”. “Let him wait sitting down, that guy is going to have fun for a while and then go outside”, were some of the negative mentions.

However, not everything was bad for the artists, since some fans of the scandal woman They expressed their good wishes to the couple.

“How nice to see them together.” “How nice to see you so happy, even the bad temper left you. long live love”. “They make a nice couple and they both look great.” “What a beautiful couple, you can see the tremendous chemistry they bring. Last long and be happy,” netizens wrote.

It should be remembered that it was only a few days ago that Niurka and Juan Vidal were able to meet again after their stay in the House of Celebrities 2, reality show Telemundo where they started a romance.

It was last July 28 when Niurka made a live broadcast from your account Instagramin it he documented the moment when Juan Vidal visited her at home.

Since before Juan Vidal appeared on camera, Niurka She was seen to be extremely happy in a white dress, as she even jumped up and down with excitement and then ran to the front door of her home. Seeing her partner, the Cuban jumped for joy and even took her dogs away from her so they wouldn’t attack him, when she entered her patio, she jumped into her arms so she could carry her and He gave her tender kisses on the mouth.

For its part, John Vidal He outlined a big smile and hugged Niurka, then they took off and entered his room, on the way, the actor greeted all the dogs that his girlfriend has and then left his things on the table.

Once they were able to hug again I headedn a few words to the hundreds of fans who were watching. Vidal’s emotion prevented him from realizing that their reunion was being broadcast live.


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