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This is how Marco Antonio Jr. looks like the only son of ‘El Buki’

  • Who is the only son of El Buki?
  • Fulfill Marco Antonio Solis Jr.
  • It is unidentified who the mom of the singer’s son is.

Marco Antonio Solís Jr. Devoid of a question, all the personalities that make up the medium of the present usually aim on the eye of the hurricane, either because of the various controversies in which they get included or because of the a variety of achievements they have in their career.

Just one of the personalities that has stolen the focus of the media is Marco Antonio Solís ‘El Buki’ who was a short while ago named person of the year during the Latin Grammy Awards where by many stars have been awarded on the evening of previous Wednesday, September 17. november.

Does Marco Antonio Solis have a son?

Marco Antonio Solis Jr.

Even with becoming a person of the most identified and acclaimed singers within the medium, several doubts have arisen about ‘El Buki’, lately all of them centered on his only son who has been witnessed on few occasions in community and extremely minor is identified about him. Marco Antonio Solis Jr.

The only son of Marco Antonio Solís is perfectly acknowledged to the community, but in the pursuing strains we display you what he looks like and we explain to you a minor much more about Beatriz Solís’s brother, who was baptized with his father’s name to honor him.

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