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This is how ‘Cantinflas’ announced the Olympic Games of ‘Mexico 68’: “At your orders boss”

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The Olympic Games are the most important multi-sport event at the international level. That is why the host cities become the epicenter of the planet for a couple of weeks. Everything that happens within its borders is international newsa characteristic that Mexico had in mind in 1968.

As it was the first time that the International Olympic Committee trusted a developing country, the commitment and the image projected abroad were fundamental, a situation for which the Cinematography section of the Mexican Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games produced a series of short films in order to gain confidence regarding the fulfillment of the acquired commitment, especially since it is a region that the powers did not consider capable of carrying out an event of such magnitude.

Cantinflas in the commercials of ‘Mexico 68’

However, the committee decided that while trying to give the image of progress and modernity at the international level, it was necessary to educate the population in terms of civility to behave appropriately during the games, particularly with foreign visitors. For the above a series of advertisements were made with popular characters of Mexican culture, who with their personal stamps taught the population how to be a good citizen.

Cantinflas was chosen to star in a series of commercials in which he played the character of agent 777which served as the basis for the film that would come 10 years later.

In these Cantinflas can be seen performing the work of a police officer that is dedicated to arresting citizens for their bad behavior. It was through these announcements that the committee educated the population about what was correct and what was not, taking into account at all times the global projection that the sporting event would bring to the country and the capital.

In total there are four advertisements that are available thanks to the rescue carried out by the UNAM Film Library. In them, agent 777 is observed denouncing different acts.

In one of them takes a woman to the police station for littering in the streetduring the reproach emphasizes the importance of giving a good image to tourists.

Don’t you realize that we are on the eve of the Olympics? People from important countries are going to come”, is part of the script said by Cantinflas.

In another of the spots it is observed how a taxi driver charges more to a tourist than to the compatriots, for which Cantinflas reproaches him and says that this only gives Mexicans a bad image, so he should not do it; the objective is to show the good service that we can give as hosts

Finally, a fight originated in a football match in the Azteca stadium is portrayed between two national league teams, here the few values ​​and education are highlighted when coming to blows instead of mediating the situation with words or avoiding it by enjoying the game in a healthy way.

What will happen at the Olympics? Are we going to give that show? What are they going to say over there, that we are savages?” Agent 777 says to the two men involved in the fight.


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