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This is how Alec Baldwin found out director Helena Hutchins had died

This is how Alec Baldwin found out director Helena Hutchins had died

A new video was released this week hours after the tragedy on the sets of the film War, in which a shot from actor Alec Baldwin’s gun killed cinematographer Halyana Hutchins and injured the film’s director Joel Souza in the shoulder. In the recently known images you can see the moment in which the New Mexico police inform Baldwin About the death of Hutchins.

In an interrogation room, two officers taking Baldwin’s statement stop to communicate. “I have very bad news to tell you., He didn’t make it,” said one of the officials, prompting a reaction of disbelief from the actor.

“We wanted you to explore here in and out,” officials added before a Baldwin who couldn’t get out Shock, A few minutes later, he asked his wife to speak on the phone.

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Hutchins died on the set of the film on October 21, 2021 When the prop gun that the actor was supposed to use was filled with live bullets. A video was also released this Tuesday that reviews the first moments after this unfortunate incident.

The images were disclosed by police in Santa Fe, the capital of the state of New Mexico. They were taken by the body camera of a policeman. Doctors, executives and others from the production attended Hutchins, and director Joel Souza, too. who was injured in the shoulder After the projectile passed through his partner’s torso, however, Souza survived.

Santa Fe County Sheriff Adan Mendoza said in a statement to international media on Tuesday that the criminal investigation into the fatal incident “is nearing an end”.Those who are watching the matter closely, which caused a stir in the film industry. “We guess it’s the week and not the month”, said the official regarding the pending deadline for the last point. And they said they are “waiting for a few things for the closing report, such as gunshots, bullets, fingerprints and analysis of DNA.”

In addition, Mendoza expressed: “We are waiting for the forensic doctor to conclude his report and further analysis. information contained in the phone cellphone”.

At the same time, the Santa Fe Sheriff’s Office also revealed another video in which he is seen. Baldwin rehearsing with the first revolver Due to which the bullet that killed the director of photography would have gone out.

In the images, the actor can be seen sitting in the pew of a church, in what appears to be the same location as the video that surfaced on Tuesday, and Hutchins died during filming on the same day. in that moment He takes the gun out of his jacket, points at the camera and repeat that action.

However, the actor has stated in his testimony that never pulled the trigger Until the moment of recording the fatal scene.

On April 20, the New Mexico Occupational Safety and Health Administration fined the maker of “Rust” more than $135,000 For non-compliance with safety measures during filming.

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