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this happens in the first chapter of the new season

this happens in the first chapter of the new season

The wait is over. The Paper Home Season 5 is now out there in Netflix. A minimum of the primary 5 chapters that make up the primary a part of this final stage, which can conclude on December 3 when the opposite 5 remaining episodes are enabled.

There have been a number of who determined to remain up till the center of the morning to find out how the story of the Spanish robbers continues. What is going to change into of The Professor now that he was found by Inspector Sierra?What is going to occur to Lisbon now that it managed to enter the Financial institution of Spain? Will the band handle to get out alive and with the gold? are a few of the questions immediately.

In fact, you probably have not seen the primary episode but, we warn you that on this word you will see that a number of spoilers in regards to the starting of the story. A primary chapter, entitled “The end of the road” and with a period of 49 that begins like this:

Inspector Sierra’s checkmate to the Professor

The story picks up instantly from the place we left off in season 4. We’re in Madrid, 5 days after beginning this newest theft. The professor managed to specify his plan to rescue Lisbon and reintroduce it into the Financial institution of Spain together with the remainder of the gang. The local weather is considered one of happiness. Every part appears to be again below management.

Nonetheless, Inspector Alicia Prieto runs via the sewers the place The Professor has his hiding place and is decided to confront him at gunpoint. Checkmate?. “I am the wife of a dead man, a disgraced police officer, a torturer for the people who love me,” Sierra explains to the Professor to make it clear that he has nothing to lose. The primary second of pressure.

“I’m going to get the whole plan out of him, to deliver it on a platter. I am going to see that he is tried for terrorism, the permanent one falls and he does not see the light again ”, he threatens.

Inspector Alicia Sierra Threatens The Professor After Discovering His Hiding Place In La Casa De Papel 5.

Inspector Alicia Sierra threatens The Professor after discovering his hiding place in La casa de papel 5.

The son of Berlin enters the scene

The story jumps 4 years into the previous. In Copenhagen, Berlin meets Rafael (Patrick Criado), with a younger man whom we rapidly study is his son. That they had no contact for years and now they meet once more on a reunion journey. “I had an exquisite relationship with your mother and you stood in the way of our happiness,” recollects the robber.

However there are not any grudges. Rafael is completely satisfied in regards to the assembly when he will get the primary shock: Tatiana, his father’s spouse, was additionally invited to the assembly. “Didn’t you tell him he’s coming to steal either?“, she asks Berlin whereas Rafael is within the toilet. The primary of the brand new characters to seem and that will probably be key within the improvement of the story.

Later we are going to see that Berlin was the one who paid Rafael for his research as Electronics Engineer, with a postgraduate diploma in Cybersecurity from MIT in Massachusetts. By revealing it, the younger man understands what’s behind the reunion and his father, in the midst of a debate about freedoms and life, doesn’t hesitate to inform him: “I don’t want you to die without having lived. “

Rafael, The Son Of Berlin, One Of The New Characters In La Casa De Papel 5.

Rafael, the son of Berlin, one of many new characters in La casa de papel 5.

The Professor’s Rome plan

One other flashback takes us to an intimate second between The Professor and Lisbon the place he explains the results of the Paris plan –The one that might later be utilized to free Lisbon and re-enter the Financial institution of Spain–.

“If we release the only person they have detained and we put them in the bank in front of their faces they will want to crush us in the shortest possible time and they will resort to as much as they have,” he says. Sure, it refers to military, the brand new nice rival of this season. And sure, as he had calculated, that’s what is occurring in the midst of the theft. That is why the plans modified: it’s important to get the gold now.

The Official Poster For La Casa De Papel 5, Volume One, Which Premiered On September 3.

The official poster for La casa de papel 5, quantity one, which premiered on September 3.

Manila, the hostage amongst hostages

Contained in the financial institution, Stockholm rebukes Manila for having revealed his id by intercepting Arturo. “If they caught us, you were going to stay with Cincinnati. That was the deal“The blonde complains, revealing what was the plan they’d in thoughts with Denver in case the entire theft goes flawed.

The plan which will fail

Palermo warns the crew that plans modified after the Lisbon rescue and that melting the gold is now secondary: extraction should start. “If getting someone out of jail puts the plan at risk, they stay in jail, period. We are starting to improvise and this is how they kill people in robberies“, remarks Bogotá.

A Backstage Photo Of La Casa De Papel 5

A backstage picture of La casa de papel 5

The Tortures of The Professor

An try by Lisbon to speak with El Professor alerts Inspector Sierra that she managed to enter the financial institution and an interrogation begins. “Let’s see, Either you talk or I’ll shoot you”. The Professor takes it as a threat but it is not: Sierra shoots him in the foot. But not everything is there, the inspector decides to hang him in the air to force him to speak although he remains unshakable.

Tension and nostalgia between Tokyo and Lisbon

The relationship between Tokyo and Lisbon is strained. The brunette distrusts the former agent and questions her about whether she spoke during the time she was captured. However, minutes later, everything is fixed.

A talk between them about him romanticism in robberies takes us to a flashback of Tokyo with his first love (Miguel Ángel Silvestre), who died in a robbery. “In robberies, love multiplies. Each second may be the final,” assures the robber and Lisbon immediately understands that she is not talking about Rio.

La Casa De Papel 5 Is One Of The Most Successful Spanish Productions.

La Casa de Papel 5 is among the most profitable Spanish productions.

The phantasm of Marbella

The tip of season 4 left us with Marbella fleeing within the helicopter with which he left Lisbon contained in the Financial institution of Spain. In fact, investigators are intently following the helicopter to seize whoever is working it.

However The Professor already had a plan to stop Marbella from being caught: make him land on a farm the place two of his collaborators faux to be farmers. They may give the model {that a} crimson automobile (the identical one with which they liberated Lisbon) was the one which got here to rescue the pilot.

The automobile seems on the scene and when it’s to be intercepted, the motive force seems to be the husband of the lady who was kidnapped to switch Lisbon within the earlier season. “They kidnapped my wife at the hairdresser, they forced me,” he yells. The Professor had his manner as soon as once more.

There is no such thing as a plan B

Everybody finds out that The Professor was captured. In entrance of Sierra, he decides to apologize to your entire gang, one after the other. What occurred shocked all of the members and it was Tokyo who consulted Lisbon on the best way to proceed: “There is no plan B“, he replies.” We are on the ropes but we are not dead yet, “he provides later. Every part will get sophisticated.

And the military is already there, on the door …

La Casa De Papel 5, The Robbers Are Back On Netflix.

La casa de papel 5, the robbers are again on Netflix.

What are the chapters that observe in La Casa de Papel Season 5?

The episodes which are already out there for this primary a part of La Casa de Papel 5 are:

  • Episode 1: The Finish of the Highway
  • Episode 2: Do you consider in reincarnation?
  • Episode 3: The Present of Life
  • Episode 4: Your Place in Heaven
  • Episode 5: Dwelling Many Lives

The second a part of the season 5 season of La Casa de Papel will premiere on December 3 and also will characteristic 5 hour-long episodes.