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They uncover alleged problems between Shakira and Luis Miguel: “she despised him”

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  • Shakira and Luis Miguel would have had problems in the past
  • Were they about to bring up a song together?
  • This was the “disagreement” that Luis Miguel would have had with the Colombian

Problems Shakira Luis Miguel. It has been a few difficult months for the Colombian singer, for almost two months, Shakira ended her relationship with the Spanish soccer player Gerard Piqué. From there, a series of problems arose that the interpreter of ‘Me Enamoré’ had to solve, both for her well-being and that of her children.

Shakira’s father suffered a heavy fall which took him to the hospital, he is still recovering, his final separation from Piqué, who was allegedly unfaithful to him (although it has not been proven) and the most recent controversy, the Prosecutor’s Office in Barcelona requested more than eight years in prison and a fine of about 24 million euros for the singer.

Luis Miguel and Shakira would have had “problems” in the past

Problems Shakira Luis Miguel

The media and fans continue to talk about the singer at all times, because now they have just revealed a situation that Shakira faced that has to do with nothing more and nothing less than the interpreter of ‘La Incondicional’, Luis Miguel. Now it turns out, they both had a little ‘conflict’.

Through the magazine ‘Mira’ it was revealed that Shakira and Luis Miguel could have had a problem in the past. Both would have had a bad relationship, all due to a disagreement. It should be noted that both are famous exponents of music, well recognized worldwide. Filed Under: Problems Shakira Luis Miguel

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