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They stop “The Sun has already risen”

They stop

By Iván Aguilera, Juan Gabriel’s theme just isn’t launched

MEXICO CITY (El Common) .— The corporate with which Iván Aguilera, Juan Gabriel’s son, signed to protect and promote his father’s legacy stopped the launch of the unpublished music “El Sol ya saló”, composed by Diego Verdaguer and “El Divo de Juárez”, and which was scheduled to premiere yesterday, as a result of there have been particulars to be resolved.

“It’s not going to be launched. The reason being quite simple and I wished to inform you personally. The individuals who symbolize the rights, the legacy of the trainer Juan Gabriel, requested me, particularly the director of the corporate, Jeff Jampol, to postpone the launch as a result of we nonetheless needed to resolve a few particulars and we’re going to do it “, stated Verdaguer via of a video on their social networks.

“So next week we will solve it and very soon I will announce the new release date of this beautiful song.”

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By the Jampol Artist Administration firm, Aguilera requested Verdaguer to cease the premiere of the music, through which Amanda Miguel additionally participates. The manufacturing is by Gustavo Farías.

“Diego Verdaguer wanted to publicize the subject on this date, precisely one day before the fifth anniversary of his long-time friend, in order to remember him and offer him a loving tribute,” stated the singer’s illustration within the assertion. .

In an interview with “El Universal”, the interpreter of “Volveré” and “La thief”, amongst others, acknowledged that the truth that it took a very long time to publish the music had nothing to do with the dearth of permits for the “Juanga’s” household or different related components.

“I am publishing a song that we wrote, he gave it to me, he is part of the composition, his family will have his part as a composer, period. There are no permissions circumstances involved. In any case, I already officially informed the family, so I do not require any other type of authorization, ”stated Verdaguer.

“He was my friend, we wrote a song, I have it and I recognize his part in the song,” he defined.

Peace and love

The horrors that Afghanistan goes via and the realities of the pandemic world made Diego Verdaguer and his household increase their voices to assist distract folks and brighten their hearts with an unreleased music by Juan Gabriel.

“If we review (what is happening in) Afghanistan, all these realities of the pandemic and so many encounters and disagreements, what happens in Cuba, in so many places that saddens us …, what happens with children, with human trafficking , with the rapes, with the circumstances that have to do with sexual degradation, with so many things … I wanted to extract the most beautiful thing in Juan Gabriel, his essence, that desire he always had to help, beyond his realities in this planet, as an artist he was unique and great ”, he acknowledged.

9 years in the past Verdaguer entered the recording studio with “El Divo de Juárez”, with whom he composed the music, which couldn’t be accomplished because of the loss of life of Juan Gabriel. After a protracted wait, “he was finally able to share it with his followers.”

Have a look

5 years

The music “El Sol ya saló” was to be launched yesterday, with no different pretensions than to pay homage to “Juanga”, who died 5 years in the past.

“I already fulfilled”

“Regardless of whether it is successful or not, this song is a symbol of the personal desire to honor Juan Gabriel, saying ‘we started something together, here it is, I’ve already done it’ and in this way I pay tribute to him,” defined Diego Verdaguer .

Optimistic message

“This song gives a very positive message, very timely, because life is going through a difficult, critical moment, but today we are many inhabitants on the planet, and there is a lot of folly, inequality, too much struggle for freedom, there is a lot of confusion, Too much information found, the circumstances are not easy, but there is a lot of illusion that is what motivates the human being ”, he expressed.

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