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“Candido Perez”, in its new version, is less flirtatious

MEXICO CITY (El Universal) .—The 2021 edition of Dr. Candido Perez, a gynecologist by profession, will be less flirtatious than the original from the 80s, so as not to be seen as a predator, plus whatever Happens, looking for a balance between that. In their chest family and patients.

Pedro Ortiz de Pinedo, the series’ producer, which began airing on July 18, said that there is currently a “crystal generation” among the public that cannot be played with.

The original comedy series, headed by his father Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo, was about a married doctor who had a teenage daughter who was wanted by several patients.

It aired from 1987 to 1993 and made it to the movies. “Anyone who engages in humor today is under undue scrutiny, when comedy also has to be sharp and confrontational. What we did was to soften Candido’s flirtatiousness and to see how far or not she is as a predator, and a new balance between gynecological and comic.

Now, Candido Pérez falls into the Artha de la Torre, proposed by Jorge himself; Iran Castillo will play the role of wife, mother-in-law is Raquel Garza and daughter is now eight years old.

“We’ve modernized all the characters, Sylvina now has a profession and for some reason she wants to become independent of her company; the lawsuits with mother-in-law and Claudia (maid) are ongoing.”

The first 13 episodes were made with guest audiences, with only 30 people, following health protocols. “Dr. Candido Pérez” will air on Sunday, starting the 18th of this month at 7:30 pm.