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They show what was the photo for which the rapper PnB Rock was killed in a restaurant and that his own girlfriend shared it

  • Was rapper PnB Rock’s murder planned?
  • They show the photo that his girlfriend shared and it raises suspicions.
  • The singer was the only one who was injured in the restaurant.

They kill PnB Rock restaurant. The Los Angeles Police reported an assault inside the Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles restaurant, which ended with significant losses. According to the first reports, a man was shot by the attacker and found in serious condition after receiving the impact; he was later identified as rapper PnB Rock.

Local media indicate that the rapper was wearing highly visible jewelry and that was the reason he was shot. According to authorities, the fatal incident occurred around 1:15 pm and PnB Rock was rushed to a nearby hospital, where he lost his life just 45 minutes later.

Rapper PnB Rock killed in Los Angeles restaurant

Kill PnB Rock Restaurant

The urban genre singer was inside the restaurant having dinner with his girlfriend, after the death of rapper PnB Rock, new details have come to light and it seems that his love partner could be involved in the heinous act against the 30-year-old years all because of a photograph he shared with his location.

The shooter, who has not yet been apprehended, exited through the side door into a parking lot near the fast food outlet and fled in a car. According to the Los Angeles Times, the Police are also now checking the cameras of businesses near the Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles restaurant to try to obtain a more reliable image of the murderer and to find his whereabouts. Filed Under: Matan PnB Rock restaurant.

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