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They show Nodal drunk insulting the Grammys; Did Belinda’s mom leak the VIDEO?

Christian Nodal he returns to controversy again after a video was leaked in which he is drinking alcohol at one of his Grammy Awards which he won a few weeks ago.

The singer of “Ya no somos ni seremos” recently exposed Belinda and her mom, Belinda Schull, for ask him for money to fix his teethafter the lady “applauded” a comment from a fan in which they called Nodal “naco”. Here the details.

“They are worth nothing”: Nodal drinks alcohol at his Grammy Awards

Through a video on Nelssie Carrillo’s account, Nodal was exhibited drinking alcohol in one of the Latin Grammy trophies who recently won. In the clip, you can see how the singer is drunk and making comments out of place. Click here to see the full video.

“I am going to tell you something, I love you, you are one of my best friends, and this mother, if it was a dream for me and I achieved it, I feel that for many people it represents many things, and for me it does not represent anything, You know?” says Nodal

This publication has caused controversy in social networks, because Christian Nodal has revealed that after his breakup with Belinda the only thing he wants is to “heal” and focus on his careerso he said on May 18 that he leaked a conversation between him and his ex-girlfriend after a controversial response from Mrs. Belinda Schüll.

Given this situation, things are still quite complicated between the fans of Nodal and Belinda, because they assure that this is not “worrying about their career” and much less “treat like queen” to the woman he once loved, because the singer always assured that Beli deserved everything in this life and that he would treat her that way.

Here are some of the reviews:

“This is not to focus on your career, in truth, as an artist and a person, you are sad.”; “Behave up to the task”; “I don’t understand how this will make you heal”; “Rather you like to continue on everyone’s lips”; “If you really want to heal, stop hurting”, they write.

It should be mentioned that there are those They assure that it was Belinda’s mother who leaked this video in revenge for the messages that he exposed on his Twitter account, but so far it is not confirmed and they are only rumors.

What did the messages from Belinda and Nodal say?

It was through Twitter that Nodal attacked Belinda presenting a conversation in which she asked for money for her parents and also to fix your teeth.

The tweet was accompanied by a message in which the singer implied that Belinda’s mom exploits her and has been living off her daughter’s earnings for 20 years. In addition, asked to be left alone and he said that when he got tired of giving, it was all over.

“20 years collecting the fruits of his daughter until leaving her with nothing. Leave me alone, I am healing. I do not bother you, I do not even demand my credits in songs or in life. Everything beautiful that is happening deserves it and I also It cost me. When I get tired of giving, it’s all over.” it reads

This controversy began after Belinda Schüll will react with applause emojis yet comment in which they called Nodal “naco” and asked that he not return with the singer.

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