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They serve soda in bags to palazuelas; His reaction provokes laughter (VIDEO)

Roberto Palazuelos

The businessman and actor proved that he drank soda in this way for the first time.

Mexico City.- Roberto Palazuelos He again demonstrated why he is one of the supreme representatives of the so-called “mirrise”, as he showed that he had never in his life had a soft drink in anything other than a glass or bottle.

It was on the Yordi Rosado program that airs on Unicable, where actors and businessmen who never had a soda in a bag! However, despite what many might think, Palazuelos ended up drinking the drink. Of course, his response sparked laughter and all kinds of comments.

“What is this?”

It was in the program “At Night” that leads Yordi Rosado, i take advantage of it Roberto Palazuelos I was a small but very funny guest joke.

In Video Shared on the internet, it is shown how Yordi begins to remember when they were together in Big Brother and staged a big fight there. Rosado further stated that they decided to forget the trial and even met to make amends when they left the reality show.

Taking advantage of this “Brotherhood” moment, Yordi asks the production to give him some “drinks”, at which point the driver surprises the so-called “Black Diamond”. With a drink in a bag.

Palazuelos’ reaction when he gave her the drink in a bag, erupted on stage with laughter. Well, it was inevitable not to notice the surprise and amazement with which the businessman also received the drink.

“Don’t stain, what is it? And pass me there’s something weird in it, is there a suck in it? It’s just LSD. Is that ripple? And what is it,” the actor commented with surprise.

Palazuelos did not want to remain in doubt, so he asked whether the production was short of money or “not budgeted enough.”

“Isn’t there a production ticket here or what?”, he said in surprise, looking at the camera. Roberto also told him that Iwill i send a check To avoid being served on the bag on your next trip, acknowledging that I have never drank such a soda.

In social networks, the moment caused debate as some called him “blood thirsty”, while others assured that his reaction caused him a lot of laughter.