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They say goodbye for the last time to Kim Mi Soo, actress of the “Snowdrop” and Netflix series

kim mi soo funeral

The funeral of the actress Kim mi soo will take place on January 7th, according to data from AllKpop.

The website notes that the funeral of the actress who attended Netflix series like “Hellbound” and “Hello and bye, mom”; takes place in the Taeneungseong Heart Funeral Center in Gongneung-dong (Seoul)where the burial place of the deceased was prepared.

As reported Kim Mi Soo passed away unexpectedly on January 5thwithout the cause of death being clarified by his representative or his family.

His funeral takes place privately at the request of his grieving family. At that time, the agency of the late actress said: “We hope that the actress rests in peace and once again send her our condolences on her last trip.”

What happens to Kim Mi Soo’s character in “Snowdrop”?

Above all Kim mi soo will still appear in the next chapter of “Snowdrop”, Korean drama with Jisoo from Blackpinkin which the deceased gave life to the protagonist’s best friend today. It is a production of 16 chapters still on the air.

Born in 1992, Kim Mi Soo made her debut through an independent film and gained attention through her participation in dramas such as “Hello and goodbye, mom!”, “Memories”, among other.

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