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They reveal their secret! How did Chiquis Rivera lose weight? (PHOTOS)

  • They reveal the secret of Chiquis Rivera
  • How did Jenni’s daughter lose weight?
  • This is the treatment that Janney did to reduce some sizes

How I lose weight Chiquis Rivera: Jenni Rivera’s daughter is the sensation in social networks. With more than 5 million followers, the Mexican regional singer gained great fame for belonging to the Rivera dynasty, being the daughter of the late Diva de la Banda and also for her charisma and unmatched talent.

Many have said that Chiquis is the living image of the late Jenni Rivera, however, not everyone sees her that way. Janney has also been harshly criticized by thousands of people, she has a huge number of ‘haters’. But what has raised controversy lately is the drastic change in her image. Here we tell you how she did it!

How Chiquis Rivera lost weight: Proud of her physique

How Chiquis Rivera lost weight

Chiquis Rivera’s physique was always a subject that the singer always avoided, but that she showed with pride. Chiquis said on more than one occasion that she was proud that her mother had inherited those pronounced curves that stand out so much.

Apparently, that temperament changed, because Jenni Rivera’s daughter sports a body that still has its pronounced curves, it is too obvious that she underwent some operation or treatment to lose weight, and she looks completely unrecognizable! Filed Under: How Chiquis Rivera Lost Weight

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