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They reveal the serious father of Emilio Osorio son of Niurka

  • They expose the face of Emilio Osorio’s genuine father.
  • The robust rumors about the father of Niurka’s son are even now existing.
  • Bobby Larios or Juan Osorio?

Genuine father Emilio Osorio. Niurka Marcos is a person of the personalities in the leisure world who is regarded as one of the most controversial, not for absolutely nothing is she the “queen of controversy” considering that she has been included in several challenges and extra after her participation and departure from ‘ The Residence of the Well known 2’.

His fame has reached his kids, Kiko, Romina and Emilio, but the spotlight has been more informed of Niurka’s youngest son due to the good uncertainties that have been raised regarding who is the genuine father of the young actor and also singer, Amongst the candidates are Bobby Larios and Juan Osorio.

Who is the true father of Emilio Osorio?

True father Emilio Osorio

Allow us bear in mind that on a lot more than one particular celebration it has been widely speculated that Emilio’s true father is Bobby Larios as an alternative of Juan Osorio, all this simply because persons have understood that the excellent resemblance between the youthful gentleman and the Mexican actor and confident that it is not son of soap opera producer.

We very well know that inside social networks we can locate content of all forms, which is why a online video that circulates on these platforms has caused good furor, because as revealed in the recording, it would be uncovered who the authentic father of Emilio Osorio is. Submitted Under: Correct Father Emilio Osorio.

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