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They reveal the reason why Dra Polo does not have children (VIDEO)

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  • Ana María Polo only has one adopted son
  • The doctor was married once
  • Relive what happened when she married a man 10 years older than her

Doctor of Law Ana María Polo is probably the most famous lawyer among Hispanics. The host of the successful program “Case Closed”, she has caused a lot of curiosity around her personal life. She has only known one son and one husband, but now the reason is revealed that she only has one descendant.

Born in Cuba, she emigrated to Miami to continue her studies, but she did not expect that she would find success there and create one of the most watched programs by the Hispanic community. Ana Maria Paolo, she is by far one of the most beloved television personalities.

His first marriage!


According to the medium Tell me what you know, Ana María Polo emigrated to Miami to be able to continue her law studies, but in the Florida city she met who would be her first husband. At the age of 19 she married the aforementioned, whose identity is certainly not clear.

Shortly after getting married, she became pregnant. The good news lasted a bit since at 4 months of pregnancy Ana María had a miscarriage. This led to Polo and her husband’s marriage deteriorating and they ended up divorcing.

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