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They reveal how much money Carlos Bonavides earns in the Mayor’s Office of Azcapotzalco

  • Did you pretend to have no money for your convenience?
  • The truth about the “unemployment” of the Mexican actor comes to light
  • The controversies that have currently surrounded the life of Carlos Bonavides

How much money does Carlos Bonavides earn? The actor who became famous for playing “Huicho Domínguez” in the 90’s telenovela, “El Premio Mayor”, has been giving a lot to talk about after being absent from appearing on television for a while, since he has come out on the light that the actor has not been hired for a while by Televisa, with which he worked before.

However, they have come out to deny rumors that the 81-year-old actor has been saying, because through the Gossip No Like program, they revealed what was supposed to be the truth. Let’s remember that a few days ago, Bonavides starred in a scandal for ‘faking’ a heart attack live.

How much money does Carlos Bonavides earn: They reveal what the Mexican actor works on

How much money does Carlos Bonavides earn?

Through the program on YouTube Gossip No like, led by Elisa Beristain and Javier Ceriani, they made known what the Mexican actor is currently working on. And it is that it came to light that Carlos Bonavides is a councilor of the Azcapotzalco mayor’s office.

In addition, the actor would supposedly be earning more than 28,000 pesos a month at his job. And it is that after Bonavides faked a heart attack in the middle of the live program, the actor “begged” Televisa to give him a job again, for which many assured that he might have financial problems. Filed Under: How much money does Carlos Bonavides make?

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