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The actor Juan Pablo Medina has set off the alarms, as it is said that he has been hospitalized for a thrombosis.

MEXICO CITY.— This August 2 it was reported that the actor Juan Pablo Medina was admitted to the hospital due to a thrombosis, but what has generated more concern is that it is rumored that doctors could be in need of amputate a leg.

This news was released in the program “First hand”, in which it was also commented that there are no more details about this possible amputation of one of the actor’s limbs from films such as “The house of flowers” or ” Single “.

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According to the hosts of the show program, Juan Pablo began to feel bad while filming scenes for a series, so he was rushed to the hospital where you were diagnosed a thrombosis.

“I arrive very sensitive information With regard to the actor of ‘The House of Flowers’, we refer to Juan Pablo Medina. At the beginning they reported to us that while Juan Pablo Medina was in the recordings of a series started to feel bad and he was taken to the hospital as an emergency ”, informed the driver Eduardo Carrillo.

Drivers also indicated that they were able to communicate with people close to Medina, and that was how they confirmed that he was taken to the hospital, but he was out of danger.

“There he was diagnosed with a presumed thrombosis and because of this it was said apparently they had had to amputate one of his legs to save his life. ” Carrillo added.

“He is eating, he is recovering favorably, added journalist Addis Tuñón.

Regarding the possibility that the actor had to have his leg amputated, Addis indicated that it will be the actor’s family who is responsible for revealing said information to respect his privacy. With this comment they left open the possibility that speculations continue to be generated.

The drivers They ended by stating that they hope that during the next few hours they will have more information about the actor, who is recently starring in the series “Moorings”.