Home Entertainment They raided the house of Marilyn Manson for her alleged sexual abuse

They raided the house of Marilyn Manson for her alleged sexual abuse

They raided the house of Marilyn Manson for her alleged sexual abuse

After several women accused Marilyn Manson of sexual and physical abuse, Los Angeles police raided the singer’s house for evidence of those crimes.

The detectives of the Special Victims Unit The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department searched Marilyn Manson’s home in West Hollywood on Monday. Manson, whose real name is Brian Warner, was not in at the time.

According to the tabloid portal TMZ, electronic storage units were seized, including computer hard drives. Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy Eva Jimenez confirmed to the AP news agency that a search warrant was issued for Manson’s home, but did not elaborate.

Marilyn Manson.  The Singer Is Accused Of Sexual And Physical Abuse.  Reuters Photo

Marilyn Manson. The singer is accused of sexual and physical abuse. Reuters photo

Manson’s attorney, Howard E. King, declined to comment on the raid.

Four lawsuits for sexual assault

Authorities said in February that their detectives had opened an investigation against Manson because of complaints of domestic violence between 2009 and 2011 in the West Hollywood neighborhood, where he lived then. The musician is currently facing a total of four sexual assault lawsuits.

Not all the women involved were identified, but several said publicly this year that they were victims of sexual, physical and emotional abuse by Manson at the time of the incidents being investigated. Four of them filed complaints with the Justice.

Evan Rachel Wood Is Dolores Abernathy, On The Westworld Series.  She Was The First To Accuse Manson Of An Abuser.

Evan Rachel Wood is Dolores Abernathy, on the Westworld series. She was the first to accuse Manson of an abuser.

Actress Evan Rachel Wood, known for her role on the series Westworld, it was the first to pin Manson as her abuser. He did it through a post on Instagram, last February.

Manson denies everything

Manson, now 52, ​​described his former partner’s statements as “a horrible distortion of reality”. And he denied all allegations, claiming that his accusers were “cynically and dishonestly seeking to monetize and exploit the #MeToo movement” by launching a “coordinated attack against it.”

In documents filed in July, he called the women “co-conspirators” who are “desperately trying to mix” Manson’s stage persona “with fabricated accounts of abuse.”

Physical and mental torture

But then there were more complaints against him. In May another actress, Esmé Bianco, sued Manson in federal court, accusing him of sexual, physical and emotional abuse. The interpreter, known for a role in Game of Thrones, claims that Manson violated human trafficking laws by taking her from England to California to participate in films and music videos that never existed.

Esmé Bianco, Another Of The Actresses Who Denounced Marilyn Manson.

Esmé Bianco, another of the actresses who denounced Marilyn Manson.

Always according to demand, Manson deprived her of food and sleep, locked her in her room, whipped her, inflicted electric shocks on her and threatened to enter the room and rape her during the night. Bianco’s lawyer said his client has already met with authorities.

In addition, a former Manson assistant, Ashley Walters, accused him in another lawsuit of sexual violence, assault and stalking, claiming that he used “his position of power, fame and connections” to “exploit and victimize” her during the time she worked for him.

The most recent lawsuit was filed by model Ashley Morgan Smithline, who is suing Manson for sexual assault and illegal incarceration, among other charges.

The “mean girls room”

Marilyn Manson With Evan Rachel Wood In 2007. Afp Photo

Marilyn Manson with Evan Rachel Wood in 2007. AFP Photo

Some of the women who accused Manson recently spoke of the existence of a “mean girls room “soundproof that the musician supposedly has inside his house, where he would have locked up his various girlfriends as a method of “torture”. It is not clear if it is on the property that was registered.

Walters said Manson “always had a joking and boastful tone” when he told people about the room. Another former assistant never saw women confined to the room, but claimed that “it was public knowledge that this is what everyone called her.”

Earlier this month, Manson’s attorney said the musician is open to reaching an out-of-court settlement with an anonymous accuser, a former girlfriend who claims he raped her in 2011.


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