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They published a mysterious message on social networks from Juan Gabriel almost 6 years after his departure

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The publication is already viral on social networks Photo: Instagram/@soyjuangabriel_

John Gabriel He is considered one of the greatest Mexican artists in the history of national, Latin and even world music, since his lyrical, melodic and performance legacy has marked more than a generation that continues to listen to his art, despite his sensitive death at the age of 66 due to cardiac arrest in 2016, in the town of Santa Monica, in Los Angeles.

Heading to what will be your mourning anniversary number 6 -since he died on August 28-, a mysterious message has been placed on his social networks causing a stir among his millions of followers who have begun to speculate what it may be about or what is to come, because although their networks commonly go up content referring to his artistic career, the new publication to be different.

Already” was the only word put on a photo with a green background and white letters that has received thousands of likes The surprise reaction being the main tool to catalog their interactions, because despite the fact that it is extremely brief, it could be implying a large number of things, such as his possible posthumous return to the music scene.

"Ya" was the only thing that accompanied the mysterious publication (Photo: Facebook)
“Ya” was the only thing that accompanied the mysterious publication (Photo: Facebook)

Internet users have already left their requests to the mysterious publication, because although many have taken it as a game, a few others who have waited for years the closing of the anticipated and confirmed trilogy “Los Dúos” They ask their label that the announcement be with reference to the news about the project that was paused due to his sudden death.

“Please let this be a clue that after more than 6 years waiting for the end of The Duos Now we do have them.” “There are collaborations that for years we know were recorded and all the disaster that the family or the record company has has not allowed us to enjoy the king’s voice for the last time and that is not valid.” “Do not play with my feelings and net that it is the expected The Duos 3 because it’s the only reason I’m still living ha ha ha.” “We know that there will no longer be videos with him, but at least let us listen to that album that has been on hiatus for so many years,” were some of the comments.

The unfinished collaboration that gave rise to a famous meme

(Photos: Instagram/@soyjuangabriel_/@guillermorosas001)
(Photos: Instagram/@soyjuangabriel_/@guillermorosas001)

In 2011, Anahí She was invited to the luxurious residence in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico, for a very special reason: was to be part of the incomplete trilogy of The Duos. The singers recorded the song With your love (1981), which was the official title of the same photograph, although the singer confessed on her account Twitteryears later, that they had also recorded what was a success of the Divo from Juarez and the Spanish singer Rocío Dúrcal in 1978, Let me live.

The unpublished project of The Duos 3 is the reason behind the famous photograph where the singer looks lonely or as if he were listening to “gossip”, although the reality is very different, because he was not alone at the time the comical situation was captured since the leader of RBD is part of the cropped situation.

(Twitter Capture)
(Twitter Capture)

Before the death of Juan Gabriel, two editions of The Duo, but Anahí’s song was not included. On the table were the plans for a third album, all produced by Gustavo Farías. Despite the fact that in 2009 the Divo de Juárez lent him the track of his classic until i met youit is still unknown why the RBD was left out of the first two versions.


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