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They prepare biographical film of Lucha Villa; Sofía Garza will play the singer

sofia garza It was clear to me since I was a child that I wanted to be an actress. She, aware of the work that she implied, began to trace a path that would allow her to achieve her dreams. Her perseverance, talent and dedication opened the doors to the medium and now will embody the legendary Lucha Villa in a biopic that has the approval of the family.

The career of the Monterrey native is distinguished by its diversity of roles and scenarios in which it has been presented; she has gone from theater to television, cinema and even music. Her most recent role in the bioseries The king, Vicente Fernandez meant an approach to what is possibly the greatest challenge in his career: interpreting The big one from Camargo.

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“ANDIt is a challenge that I have taken with great responsibility, with great affection. I personally know the Lucha family, in fact we have their consent and their support to make this biopic, so it has been a relationship of many years”, commented Sofía Garza in interview for MILLENNIUM.

The biopic is an ambitious project given the weight that the singer has in regional Mexican music and what it represents for the country. The film has been in development for several years and the production hopes to start shooting next year.

“It is a feature film We have the support of the family, we have been building this project for years, it is a very ambitious project. We plan to be filming, if all goes well, in 2023, The date of being able to make this a reality is getting closer and closer, it has been an effort of many years”.

Sofía Garza considered not being in ‘The King, Vicente Fernández’

The singer has spent years preparing and studying the artist, who left the public eye at the end of the 1990s. It was under this scenario that the opportunity to be Lorena Cruz in the Vicente Fernández bioseriesfrom Netflix.

The character is inspired by Villa fightwho supported The Charro of Huentitan to have a place on stage in its beginnings in the artistic medium. Nevertheless, Sofía Garza was about to reject the role due to the repercussions it could have on the biographical tape project in which he has put his maximum efforts.

Sofía Garza in 'The King, Vicente Fernández' (Instagram).

Sofía Garza in ‘The King, Vicente Fernández’ (Instagram).

“Mand my agent spoke to tell me: ‘there is this opportunity, they are looking for you, they want to see you for this’ and when I saw it my first reaction was not to do it, why? Because we have been raising the biopic of Lucha Villa for years, So this character (Lorena Cruz’s) was alluding, she was an inspiration for Lucha Villa. I doubt as an actress whether it would be convenient for me to do it or not, this taboo that we have that you burn yourself or that it is the same character“.

Finally, they ended up convincing her to take the role, a situation for which she is completely grateful, since it allowed her to enter the Chihuahuan singer.

“It isI wink at you, that although it is a small character, It belongs to an important character It is an important story that tells this first time that Vicente gets on stage thanks to this godmother, that in this story we call her Lorena Cruz (…) This participation for me was like getting soaked, putting my foot a little bit in the water of what is coming and what we can do, raise the name of these icons”.

The actress had the support of the family of Lucha Villa to be part of the cast of The king: “LWe came to tell them about my participation in this series that, although it was inspired by it, was going to be important for the family, it was, they are very happy. I appreciate that you blindly continue to support me after so many years, obviously what is coming is great, It will be a tribute that we want to do in the lifetime of our dear and beloved Lucha Villa“.

Sofía Garza spoke of the responsibility that falls on her men when bringing an artist of the stature of Lucha Villa to the big screen. She added that seeing the enthusiasm with which the public receives biographical series or films is proof that people “is ready to remember and relive moments with these idols.”

“People really love, know and admire these characters, when interpreting it there is a responsibility, a fear and an extra care. It is one thing to interpret a character from scratch with an identity and a name that you can create as an actress, director, producer, but when it comes to interpreting biographical characters, icons, the challenge is even more difficult,” he concluded.


Reference from www.milenio.com

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