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Friday, October 7, 2022

They notice strange detail in the carriage of Queen Elizabeth II (PHOTOS)

  • They report a ‘strange change’ in the hearse
  • The carriage left Balmoral, where the queen died
  • Upon his arrival in Edinburgh something changed

On September 8, the death of Queen Elizabeth II was confirmed, in Balmoral. The royal family released the news around 11:30 a.m. Thursday via a tweet from the official account. At that time, Britain and the world ‘stopped’ in mourning.

The carriage with the body of Queen Elizabeth II left Balmoral around 10 in the morning. The black hearse has large windows that allow you to see the coffin of the monarch, covered with a flag and a white flower arrangement.

What was the strange detail on Queen Elizabeth’s carriage?

What was the strange detail on Queen Elizabeth's carriage?

On the windows of said vehicle you could read a sticker with the inscription “William Purves”, a company specialized in funerals, in charge of transporting the body of Queen Elizabeth II. “William Purves is proud to be part of the dedicated team that has cared for our late Queen with dignity since her sad passing,” the funeral home said on her official website.

“Rehearsals for the procession from Balmoral to Edinburgh have been carried out regularly for many years, with every detail taken into account,” the company said in a statement. release. The strange detail was that on his arrival in Edinburgh the ‘inappropriate’ sticker had been removed.

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