Home Entertainment They mock the five people who joined the March for Yostop

They mock the five people who joined the March for Yostop

They mock the five people who joined the March for Yostop

On social media, he called for a massive march to Yostop, but only five people attended.

Mexico City.— Since Yoseline “H”, better known as yesstop Arrested and processed, sent through her boyfriend Gerardo Gonzalez, Thank you message to my fans, Joe is concerned about his health and integrity while he is lodged in the Santa Martha Acetitla Prison in Mexico City.

Because of this situation, his followers took to the social network to call on all those who wanted to join. A march in favor of Yoseline Hoffman To demand justice and their salvation.

However, through the same channel, netizens gave proof of shortage of attendants in march.

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And his thousands of followers?

yesstop is a public person who identifies as youtuber and influencer, who is million followers on social networks such as Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

However, the thousands of people who are reflected in the digital platform They don’t support it in real life, because in the images published on social networks it can be seen that the March in which sympathizers The people of ‘Yos’ gathered with banners in front of the Prateek Palace of Fine Arts, they only arrived five people.

in the pictures The absence of “followers” caused ridicule And criticism, as it shows that very few people seek proper treatment for YosStop.

he is serious Second “March” In favor of yesstop. First, his followers created one in which they only managed to bring together seven people.

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