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They marry? Daniella Navarro hits after Nacho Casano’s request: “Yes, yes!” (PHOTOS)

  • They thought that everything was a farce and they showed that it was not.
  • Daniella Navarro finally said yes to Nacho Casano
  • The great news was shared on the Venezuelan’s Instagram

‘La Casa de los Famosos 2’, ended a month ago and the relationship between Daniella Navarro and Nacho Casano is going from strength to strength just when everyone thought it was a farce, but they have shown that this is not the case and they even live with their fans as a couple and even more importantly, the Argentine is already part of the life of the Venezuelan’s daughter.

The strongest thing is that it seems that the wedding is near, because a publication by Daniella Navarro shocked locals and strangers by saying that she finally said ‘yes’ to Nacho Casano, from whom she cannot be separated and they even presume that they have had several photo sessions together and a recent one leaves everyone surprised.

Will there be a wedding? The mysterious publication of Daniella Navarro

Nacho Casano and Daniella Navarro said yes

And it is that a few days ago, Nacho Casano in a live broadcast for his Instagram followers, assured that at the beginning of his ‘relationship’ with Daniella Navarro, the only thing they felt for each other was enormous rejection: “We always feel something , at first it was more hate than anything else, but we feel sorry, “he began by saying.

But things changed abruptly in the last weeks of ‘La Casa de los Famosos 2’ because the Argentine began to feel a lot of attraction for the Venezuelan: “Later it was transformed into something much more beautiful and the truth is that we stayed with what was it was giving in the end”, he said in his ‘live’ for his followers.

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