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They launch “Brotecitos”, a trans songbook aimed toward kids

They launch

The Nationwide Institute of Music (INAMU) will launch this Wednesday the thirteenth a songbook made up of ten works arising from Our songs, a composition workshop for transvestite, trans and non-binary artists from everywhere in the nation.

Sprouts It is going to be obtainable without spending a dime obtain on the INAMU official web site and will likely be distributed in 300 musical academic establishments.

The songbook is the ultimate product of a protracted course of that had its origin in composition workshops carried out by the artists. Susy shock and Javiera Fantin, throughout the framework of a undertaking referred to as Personal voicea, offered to Kirchner Cultural Middle (CCK).

Ayelen Beker.  Photo Télam

Ayelen Beker. Picture Télam

The way it was conceived Sprouts

It was a collection of digital encounters between artists from everywhere in the nation, who oriented their songs to a theme about childhood. The purpose was to assist nobody really feel displaced by their situation or private needs.

In precept, the undertaking was designed for the participation of twenty trans transvestite folks, and later the non-binary ones joined. That’s the place the thought of ​​summoning ten lyricists and ten music composers got here up.

A bunch coordinated by Susy Shock, made up of poets and writers, was accountable for creating the lyrics. One other group, coordinated by Javiera Fantin, composed the music for these songs. They organized two digital workshops to apply each Saturday, a modality that allowed them to fulfill musicians from completely different areas all through the nation.

Lola Bhajan.  Photo Télam

Lola Bhajan. Picture Télam

The songs had their presentation on the CCK stage. Then, the INAMU determined, throughout the framework of the gender agenda that it has been addressing since 2018, to carry them collectively in a freely accessible songbook that also needs to be obtainable in academic establishments.

“Personally, I have been doing workshops for a few years with my community because it is urgent, it is vital that we speak for ourselves. That we stop being protected by another who does not know us or does it with prejudices. This is how Javiera was born with the draft Own voiceSusy Shock, one of the coordinators, told the Télam agency.

Trans Artist Susy Shock.  Photo Efe

Trans artist Susy Shock. Picture EFE

The thought was taken to the CCK, which sheltered it among the many tasks that had been a part of the cycle We transfer the world, and culminated with the digital presentation of the songs that emerged within the workshop, composed by artists from everywhere in the nation.

“That such a place gave us the space made us feel important, because it gave us the feeling of being valued. Yes, for our identity peculiarities, but also a lot for our artistic value, in the sense of being able to fulfill a show, with a filming, in a very pleasant way for us “, declared Javiera to Télam.

After this presentation, the INAMU put these compositions collectively in a guide with lyrics and scores to play. The entity gave authorized recommendation to artists to register their works.

How is the songbook

Mailen You Choose.  Photo Télam

Mailen You select. Picture Télam

The songbook “is quite eclectic”, in response to Susy Shock. Usually, it has a folks root, but additionally different rhythms, and is gathered underneath the widespread theme of the reminiscence of the childhoods of the artists.

“The idea was not to remain in the victimization of our realities, that’s why the name Sprouts, which implies thinking about childhood, creating a different world. We seek to find another aspect that has to do with tenderness, with sweetness and with the freedom of our experiences. It is a reconciliation with that childhood that aspires to beautiful things, “added Javiera.

The contributions that transvestite, trans and non-binary artists carry to the music scene typically primarily based on their rising power are numerous, in response to the undertaking coordinators.

Leo Blue.  Photo Télam

Leo Blue. Picture Télam

“I don’t think we have produced or have the urgency to produce trans music. In any case, a discourse has to be fought and a heterosexual hegemony has to be disputed that reads itself and that disciplines from that. It is a system that kills , overwhelms, disciplines everyone who is not heterosexual, so we have to speak ourselves because there has been an ‘identicide’, “stated Susy Shock.

“There is not a trans musical genre just as there is not a blond musical genre, or of tall people, or of men or women. There is a particularity that is the diversity of styles that arose. It is nice to see the harmony that is generated between the different songs so different. What we have in clear is that the diversity of genres can coexist in a harmony of beauty, “added Javiera.

Songs and artists


  • Lyrics: Morena García (Rosario)
  • Music: Valen Bonetto (Córdoba)
  • Performers Valen Bonetto (Córdoba), Nahiel Dornell (CABA) and Tomi Llancafil (Gaiman, Chubut)

Coplas del Valle

  • Lyrics: Lorena Carpanchay (Cafayate, Salta)
  • Music: Ferni (CABA)
  • Interpreter: Ferni (CABA)

The legend by no means informed

  • Lyrics: Michelle Vargas Lobos (Chubut)
  • Music: Ire Paz (Bariloche)
  • Interpreter: Ire Paz (Bariloche)

Do not disguise anymore

  • Lyrics: Ayelén Beker (Rosario)
  • Music: Luchi de Gyldenfeldt (CABA)
  • Performers: Ayelén Beker (Rosario) and Luchi de Gyldenfeldt (CABA).


  • Lyrics: Michelle Lacroix (Chaco)
  • Music: Leo Azul (Córdoba)
  • Performers: Leo Azul (Córdoba), Ire Paz (Bariloche) and Michelle Lacroix (Chaco).

In case the reminiscence forgets

  • Lyrics: Nadia Jazmín del Rosario Zúñiga Sánchez (Trelew, Chubut)
  • Music: Lelé (CABA)
  • Interpreters: Lelé (CABA) and Mailén Eliges (GBA).

Break the monitor

  • Lyrics: Carla Morales Ríos (Salta)
  • Music La Diki (Ushuaia)
  • Performers: La Diki (Ushuaia), Ache 13 (GBA), Lelé (CABA), Csi Bienati (GBA), Roma Roldán (GBA).

It is going to be me

  • Lyrics: gaita nihil (CABA)
  • Music: Julián Chacón (Olavarría, Prov. Buenos Aires)
  • Interpreters: Julián Chacón (Olavarría, Prov. Buenos Aires), Marcela Vicente (Córdoba), Mailén Eliges (GBA).

Tango to abort (27.610)

  • Lyrics: Ese Negro Montenegro (CABA)
  • Music: Roma Roldán (GBA)
  • Performers: Roma Roldán (GBA) and Csi Bienati (GBA).

Come on my woman!

  • Lyrics: Lola Bhajan (CABA)
  • Music: Tomi Llancafil (Gaiman, Chubut)
  • Performers: Tomi Llancafil (Gaiman, Chubut) and Lola Bhajan.


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